Vacation Time: Build-A-Bear, Secondary Market Pony Trafficking, and IDW Sketch Covers!



On Friday, I got an E-mail from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It told me that I could make a Fluttershy plush Pony from Saturday the 23rd to Thursday, getting it one week early, before the official release date. This was pretty much a thank you for supporting their My little pony based product line.

Saturday, in the afternoon of a day that I wanted to thoroughly enjoy, and before I drew the Sunday Bonus Post, I decided to go in and make the Fluttershy Pony. Always fun.

When I showed the young man my printed out pass, he asked, “You can make up to three.” My immediate response was, “Why would I need more than one?” Then I looked around. The Bronies were out in force. In the room there were a few, with three Fluttershies each, preparing to flip them on eBay. This confused me.

“Do you want her special party cape and accessories?” asked the young man. I told him that I wasn’t sure, I might be dressing it myself, and eccentrically. Like when we made Pony Stark, the toy that asks for a martini when you squeeze the hoof.

I opted for no sound chip. The pony is named FlutterSHY, not Flutteroutgoing. As I made this decision, based on the personality of what is in fact a plush toy, I decided that yes, Fluttershy was in fact going to get the special party cape and accessories. After taxes, I was out the door for around forty bucks. The pony and I, in it’s house shaped box, sat down to draw.

Days later, I realized that in order to “flip” the ponies on eBay, the Bronies in question needed to be asking considerably more than the amount that say, I paid. What then, was the “street value” of the Brony Contraband I was hoarding? I decided to check.

This link, which leads to exactly the pony sitting next to me as I type this, has a starting bid of $399.99. Those are in real, American dollars. Yesterday, when i last checked, I saw what I have for 125 bucks, and an unstuffed one for seventy five.

Don’t get me wrong…I like my pony here. But on Friday, they are redily available for the MSRP, that I paid…around forty bucks. I saw at Build a Bear’s web site a figure of around fifty. I did, after all, have coupons.

The adorable face of contraband.

The adorable face of contraband.

Obviously, the artwork I drew above was in discussion of this. Kind of a bizarre element of fandom. If you were a serious fan, like me, you got a coupon to get the plush toy early. If you aren’t…why pay about four hundred bucks? To be fair…I saw no bids on that.

This however, inspired me to draw the other sketch cover that I had, with Fluttershy being welcomed to the Fortress of Togetherness, as a cast member, in full on party cape. I chose to go with a cartoony version of an icy Fortress of Togetherness, with Superman’s Parents in the form of adorable statues, high fiving in the background. That’s my response to the Man of Steel film, which I still haven’t seen, because of the high levels of angst it actively advertised.

With Color!  At no Extra Charge!

With Color! At no Extra Charge!

I felt like I should show the “Golden Ticket” that made this post possible, so here it is. Note that it clearly states that after the 26th, Fluttershy will just plain be available to everyone. Supply will be large, so I just don’t get the demand curve.

This image was on Equestria Daily.  So...all the die hards should know that they can just buy one later this week.

This image was on Equestria Daily. So…all the die hards should know that they can just buy one later this week.

Certainly a puzzle. However, True Believer, I’m now going to post another animated Online Exclusive Glitter Variant cover. Which is free, of course…except that if you want it to actually sparkle, you have to click on it. I thought that I should have a matching variant, to go with the one I made for my friend.

Online Exclusive Glitter Variant!  Whaaat?

Online Exclusive Glitter Variant! Whaaat?

If we learn anything from ponies, it is clearly not pricing structure, or supply and demand, or even deferred gratification. It’s just the magic of friendship, which is what glitter variants are all about.

Next Issue: Batsgiving? That’s a thing?

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