Vacation Time: Black Friday and the Pinkie Pie Quest

Page One...

Page One…

Page Two.

Page Two.

Apologies for the late Friday post, True Believers! All will be made clear, as the narrative unfolds.

Yesterday, of course, was Thanksgiving. I actually did a lot of school related paperwork by day, and went to a pretty fancy dinner in the evening. In the afternoon, I drew page one, because I knew what lay in store.

Weeks ago, at the Build a Bear Workshop, my friend and I were lamenting the fact that the company had run out of Pinkie Pie ponies, and we had attempted to spread out our pony spending…only to miss the pony. The kind people there explained that Pinkie Pie would be back as an online exclusive, which was followed by this:



We weren’t so happy about buying ponies online, and no stuffing them ourselves. That’s when they told us that the Pinkie Pie pony would be back in stores on Black Friday, and that they would be open at midnight.

Neither of us had every braved Black Friday, much less “mall time doorbusters.” However, we made the resolution to stay up until midnight, and brave the throngs of haters. That’s pretty much what page one is all about, however, I REALLY underestimated what the @#$% goes on at such madness.

First…I have never seen the Westside Pavillion mall so packed with people. People waiting in severely long lines to get into stores like H & M or Victoria’s Secret. There was a DJ, blaring droning House music mixed with Christmas songs and so forth, at a volume that made even thought impossible. Throngs of people meandered everywhere, and Hot Topic was densely concentrated.

Build a Bear had the ponies though. They were even doing a brisk business, which you wouldn’t think. I mean, that’s more of a “take your kid” destination store, not a “midnight mission” kind of place. However, between their two for one deal on sock monkeys, and having one hundred percent more ponies in stock, we were on hand for the kind of commerce that you would think only happened at birthday parties.

When you squeeze her hoof, the sound chip says, "Awww, yeah!"

When you squeeze her hoof, the sound chip says, “Awww, yeah!”

Am I glad we did this mission? Yes, yes I am. We are both very, very satisfied with our ponies.

Am I ever setting foot outside my house on a Black Friday again? Probably not, True Believers. It was fascinating, but the kind of thing that I really, really only have to do the once.

With this post, Tales of Adequacy is only five issues from Issue No. 600. That’s a bit daunting, for two reasons. One, I’m pretty much hurting for content, having not been in school for a week. I am certain that upon my arrival back at school, some drama will unfold to make content just happen, but the well is a bit dry. I do have a couple of sketch covers that I can do.

Second…six hundred is a hell of a milestone. I really want to put in effort, and get it right.

Right now, I have coffee and paperwork. Being out until two in the morning getting ponies starts your day off oddly.

Excelsior! (Or….Aww, yeah!)

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