Vacation Time: Almost Over…

Hulk Pops!  Now with twice the RAGE!

Hulk Pops! Now with twice the RAGE!

I considered using an actual cereal, but decided the above was funnier.

With the art, I was looking for the dejected feeling of knowing that you are “on the clock.” The idea that the Grind was waiting, just around the corner, and there’s not much to be done about it. No matter how super powerful you are, time marches forward for everyone, and vacations end.

I’m looking forward to the instructional time, actually. My students are reading the Hobbit, are performing a play, and have written excellent expository papers while simultaneously taking the common assessment for the school. The kids are just fine, and doing as well as I can expect them to under the circumstances.

This past week, though the news has had some grim tidings for the near future. For one thing, Los Angeles School Police announced that they will refrain from writing criminal citations for infractions such as fighting and writing on desks, instead turning students to school officials for campus-based punishment that is more in line with their age and nature of the violations. Fighting is the part that I’m most threatened by. The district doesn’t want to suspend for fighting, as we have seen this year, and now, LAPD doesn’t want to enforce the law. When we wind up with a generation of people that have no idea of “cause and effect”, and can’t navigate society, you’ll have seen the origins here.

Read the article. It sells the idea as trying to support young people by not criminalizing them at an early age…except, quite frankly, the school system doesn’t have the “teeth” to take over a consequence structure.

Also, the iPad problem is still afoot. This article still lists my school as one of the “schools that doesn’t even want the iPads on campus until security issues can be resolved.” That article was a whole Darth ago, however. The new Darth has a rollout date set of January (late January), no security measures, and no curriculum. He’s “sure it will work.”

This is the same Darth who was unable to stay for Parent Conference Night or Honor Society Induction, failed to set up the Students vs. Teachers Football Game, and did not actually run the musical tribute to JFK last Friday that he announced. In short…I’m not seeing too much follow through on plans. I do know that in a week, I will be sitting in a training about “how to use my iPad,” taught by suits.

I just need to ride out three Christmas and iPad filled weeks. Focusing on instruction, and the charming young people who darken my doorway every day should make that workable. However, the feeling in the art…is the feeling in my heart.

Only four issues until…Six Hundred!

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