Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Origins II!

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For the record, I disliked Origin when it came out. There where many reasons for this, despite the well handled art chores. The first was that Wolverine is a mutant…meaning he is basically born with his powers, and doesn’t really have an “origin.” No fancy backstory needed, just say, “mutant powers” and be done. The second part was that I’ve read Huck Finn, and watched Highlander…I did not need the two slapped together into an odd fanfic. That’s pretty much what Origin was.

Origin II, though…that paves new ground in me not liking something. If there wasn’t a “draw your own cover” option, I wouldn’t even be making this post.

My first beef is the title. Origin II? You only get one origin, that’s why its the Origin. Can someone, perhaps anyone, get Joe Quesada a dictionary, stat?

Secondly, reading through it makes it yet another trip into turn of the century lit. I’ve read the Jungle Book, and you’ve read the Jungle Book. At the very least, you’ve seen the Disney version. Origin II opens with Wolverine running around with his Wolf Family, as a person raised by wolves, who is in communion with nature. This brings him into conflict with the Lone Wolf, who has the same markings as Mr. Sinister, and a huge polar bear, which eats his wolf family. No joke, that’s a plot summary.

This time it’s Jungle Book meets Highlander. You see, Wolvie is pissed that he has outlived his wolf family as well as his human connections. Will someone tell Freddie Mercury and the gang it’s time to sing “Who Wants to Live Forever?”

In short…not really the “event” Marvel wants it to be. Or maybe it is, despite the plotline, it seems to be moving units.

Drawing was fun, as it usually is for a cover. It is cool that there is a Marvel Event Book inside. I got a kick out of making it a really Silver Age Style cover, with all of the dialogue boxes and the speech balloons. The idea of a 19th Century Area of the Adorable Zone is amusing…although it is dangerously close to steampunk. Wolf puppies were hilarious, as was the back hair covered Wolverine baby. I was immensely satisfied when the piece was finished, despite the poor marks I gave the book.

Next Issue: Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun.

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