Winter Break: Another Year Over…

Ah...the 80's.  Lost super types of the 80's right here.

Ah…the 80’s. Lost super types of the 80’s right here.

I’ve never much liked New Year’s Eve, or for that matter, New Year’s Day. However, this marks the beginning of Tales of Adequacy online for its third year, which is a fairly long undertaking. At this point, I have been drawing it for longer than I worked on my Master’s Degree, for one thing…that’s a pretty long undertaking.

I’ve been scrolling back through the older posts, and the older art, and can see a real evolution. That’s something I’m really proud of, and interested in. I always wondered at the evolution of characters drawn by artists day in and day out, the sort of changes you can see in say, Charlie Brown over time. They might not be intentional, but over time aggregate into a new style. It’s the changes in style, in consistency of art that are interesting to me more than the overt changes driven by the plot of Adequacy, such as it is.

For those of you not so verse in the 80’s let me give a roll call of our depressed party goers above, from Left to Right. Snarf from the Thundercats, Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle, Rom the Spaceknight, Orko from masters of the Universe, and Jayce from the Wheeled Warriors. Our hero, Pony, and the bunny from the Adorable Zone should be known to our readers.

All of those characters have something in common. There was a point, in marketing, creation of product, and outright merchandising, when they were going to be IT. The Next Big Thing. Each one had a flirtation with greatness, peaked, and now are at best part of 80’s nostalgia. It’s sad, to some degree, just like they seem. They each represent an amount of work equal to or greater than the work that I’ve put into Adequacy, by people who do art and animation for a living. Each one peaked, and if you look at the merchandising and advertising from the 80’s with the right kind of eyes, you can see where they hit their high water mark.

I tend to be a bit depressed at New Year’s Eve, for precisely this point. It’s my birthday, and arguably the site’s birthday, so possibly our hero’s. I tend to look at the last year and ask, “was it worth it?” “What did I achieve?” These kinds of questions are inherently depressing, because no matter how well you are doing at what you think you should be doing, you can always do better. You can always achieve more.

So...drop the old guy off at unemployment, right?  And the hairy baby has a lot to do, so get him over to Marvel.

So…drop the old guy off at unemployment, right? And the hairy baby has a lot to do, so get him over to Marvel.

In comics, the coming year seems pretty much like Wolverine’s time to shine. Origin II is coming out, as well as a new self titled book, and a new iteration of Wolverine and the X-Men. He’ll be key in the “Days of Future Past” storyline. Captain America actually just kicked him off the Avengers because he has too much going on, in the comic. So, really, the image above is barely metaphorical.

Professionally, I have a few irons in the fire as well. I have to deal with United Way, and their recent award, and I also have to figure out exactly what my involvement in Vergara v. California is going to be, as the court date approaches. Most probably, I’ll be testifying, both against the state Ed Code, and the Union, as a witness. I’ve taken on the Union before, and most probably will again, but that’s an aggressive start to the year. in the same time frame, the iPad issue will come to a head, as well as the issues with Darth.

Heck…what do I need a year for, when I can just have January? Our hero (and I) should be spread pretty thin just from that. Like, Wolverine level thin.

Ironically, during vacation, I’m running short on content because those things aren’t happening YET. Feast or Famine, I suppose.

All the ponies and I wish you, True Believer, a happy new year. Stay safe amidst your festivities.

Next Issue: Harsh Criticism!

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