Winter Break: Secret Infinity Reign, the Marvel Event!

In all seriousness...this is not any less confusing than a Marvel Crossover...just much shorter.

In all seriousness…this is not any less confusing than a Marvel Crossover…just much shorter.

Marvel basically invented the modern “crossover event” with Secret Wars, way back in the 80’s. At this point, the two major comics companies, Marvel and DC, seem to move fluidly from one major “event” book to another, the editorially driven stories being an opportunity to both boost sales and perhaps get readers to try reading a title that they normally have off of their list.

On some level, there has come an almost incomprehensible formula to the creation of “events.” Sometimes they work really well, like Marvel’s “Civil War.” although i found the plot pretty predictable, and arguably something that had been already done by marvel in the eighties, Civil War gave the characters something understandable to be at odds about, in the Registration Act for superheroes. Other crossovers have had less concrete foundations, like “Secret Invasion” or the recent “Infinity.”

A brief web search on crossovers rapidly reveals this article, which actually took a poll about the worst of crossover events, and then summarizes and criticizes them. Marvel’s “Onslaught” (so horrible that I had forgotten it existed until seeing it on the list) was number One, and Seven were Marvel Events. The major critique is poor story, or failure to understand the story as written.

Honestly, “Infinity” was like five comic books trying to happen at once. It had in the middle the rise of the Inhumans, mostly because Marvel/Disney wants to be able to use a word similar to, but not actually, “mutant”…since Fox has the film rights to mutants. That led us to “Inhumanity” which incomprehensibly changed writers two months in, and to be very, very fair, is a crossover in name only, as there is very little plot to it. Much like Dark Reign on that front…more a setting in time, than a real plotline.

So, the art above. I wanted to bring about the confusion that I feel as a reader, but also the confusion you must feel as a B-list superhero fished into one of these things. As I write this, “All New Marvel NOW” actually suggests a closer relationship between SHIELD and the Avengers, which is suggested as a new status quo by the page I drew…

…over three days ago. Crossovers shouldn’t be that predictable, by half.

Oh…and in case I was too subtle, I also think they should make a little sense. Just a bit. Maybe not be stacked one on top of the other, without even a months separation.

What do I know. I just love comics. These guys at Marvel…they know Mickey Mouse, and work at the House of Ideas. Not necessarily Good Ideas, but Ideas.

Still…all of these crossovers, no matter how bad they are, and how little sense they make….have more planning, effort and sense to them than the District’s iPad for Every Student Plan.

next Issue: Flying School!

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