Interlude: Journey Into Contract Law.

The power of a thousand exploding motions is released!

The power of a thousand exploding motions is released!

As of this writing, a number of things have happened. Pledge LA has been put on notice, not to use my likeness or reputation to foster their own fund raising or profit. They have been informed of this by the most vicious, rabid, vindictive attorneys that money can contract, and this relationship is in direct response, at the front end, to the First Amendment issues that troubled me in the Winter Season. Of course, the day that these powers were added to the Hebrew hammer, my likeness was used in social media for that express purpose, and furthermore, a large number of truly false sounding congratulations notices were sent to me via e-mail.

All of this…one hundred percent…plays directly into my plan. that’s the point of having a Hebrew Hammer…planning exactly how, and when to use it. And also in having the friends that can help you to power it up for the right move.

Those same wise friends correctly advised me to make the end of my day today the time where a letter from myself fell from on high. Since our return from school, there have been some serious site issues related to health and safety. These are not the kind of issues that require a contracted lawyer from the outset (according to lawyers, that is) but instead the simple courage to blow a whistle. To blow a whistle hard. That whistle blowing happened before I left the school today, to collect my award.

It was a fancy award. Hanging around with the mayor, board members, and the superintendent was fun. Making sure that they were read in on these issues, and would add larger scale momentum to the hammer…that was even more fun.

That’s what the art is about. Two key people added a huge amount of momentum to the mega hit that comes the day of this post. They wrote correspondence that can only be considered hard headed at the least, but more correctly would be looked at by a smart person as the opening salvo in a storm from on high. They kindly advised me to bring my own thunder at the same time, and helped to orchestrate the elegant timeline of self inflicted harm that Pledge LA and Darth will now enjoy.

I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. Once you jeopardize the health and safety of my students, or create an environment that seems to clearly favor one group over another…once you do those things, you are on the wrong side of me. Should you do both…

…well then, it’s best that I don’t know about it. If you do both, you should somehow be at a school where that’s okay, where teachers don’t get angry and stand up for what’s right. Where teachers don’t get their value structure from Marvel Comics, or the work of Siegel and Shuster on Superman.

For at least one school in South Central, there’s at least one person who will put their career on the line for the right thing. Tonight, I was honored for it (very uncomfortable), while the hammer fell.

If it has to fall much harder, we might need a spinoff series: Legal Action Comics.

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