Tool Site Council: Bizarro Finance!

Also, non fiction.

Also, non fiction.

Our SPSA document (past year evaluation), which rules all of next year’s budget, was due in early February. It was not even started. In addition, a woman from the SIG II grant office came to our meeting, to answer questions.

On the subject of SPSA…I made several motions to the council. One was to return authority to our Categorical Programs Advisor, another was to ensure that documents about council business and budgets were actually routed to the appropriate people. Another demanded that requests for budget adjustments come with a written proposal, that clearly laid out the costs that we would be voting on. Each motion returned decision making power to parties that had lost it.

By contracts, SIG II lady basically said, “Yeah…our grant oversight is non existent. So long as you have certain key words in whatever you do, you can spend the money on whatever you want.” That was disheartening, because it obviously less about School Improvement (the S and the I in SIG) and more about going through the motions.

Still, there is a real and tangible belief that no matter what we do budgetarily this year, more money will just happen, like mana from heaven.

Hence, the art above. My co-teacher an I wind up being the only fiscal conservatives in a world of Bizarros. At one point, there was an insistence that we had to vote on a policy…which was in fact a list of student expectations…that had nothing to do with budget or the SPSA. Needless to say…that was shot down.

Next Issue: Documents…Lost!

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