“No Man’s Land.”

Without proper supervision...any student can suddenly turn into a hater.

Without proper supervision…any student can suddenly turn into a hater.

I became spoiled in my old building. Sure, the ceiling was coming down, and it was full of asbestos and toxins. However, as an entirely internal building, with one stairway leading up to our family of classes, I was able to effectively quarantine the area from the rest of campus.

Now, I’m at a perfect sniper’s vantage point. Second floor, with an “open concept” building, I have a sort of “widow’s walk” that lets me monitor the majority of campus in a few steps and a glance. It has been eye opening…a revelation of sorts.

Now I can see how few teachers actually supervise. I can see what administrators come out for supervision, and which don’t. Some people…people who I underestimated in many ways, are always out, always watching to keep kids safe. Others…I’m honestly startled when I see them. I had known that the police presence on campus was increasing, and that the number of fights was on the rise, but being able to see it…not just at lunch and nutrition, but every single passing period…it has changed the way that I look at the campus.

Out in “No Man’s Land,” the area of campus where I am and few, if any teachers stand at their doors, and watch students, anything goes. anything can happen. To a large degree, the students know it, and push those boundaries…as I would expect from adolescents. The other day, one of my students was in a fight, largely because of the lack of structure outside our home environment.

With ten weeks left, my co-teachers and I will have to do our best to reclaim some of “No Man’s Land.” Tall order….

Next Issue: “Playing Percentages!”

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