Tacos: The Breakfast of Champions.

Damn straight.

Damn straight.

Breakfast burritos equal goodness.

I know it. Most ponies know it. My students know it. It is a basic fact, provable by math. Go to Kay and Dave’s Mexican Restaurant, and order the breakfast burrito. Do it at night. It’s filled with awesomeness.

This is why when the Breakfast in the Classroom is a burrito, the kids are all over it, like white on rice, and the paperwork is easy to fill out. Pretty much check every box, because the kids are mental for it. That, and the coffee cake. Can’t have enough coffee cake for them…and that day is usually Tuesday.

However, on a weekly basis, we are now getting feedback from the Principal that we are not in compliance with Breakfast in the Classroom. Apparently, in addition to feeding our nation’s children before my workday actually starts, there is some issue with how the staff, overall, has the ability to check boxes. This would be fine, and credible really, if we didn’t periodically get snarky phone calls from the lunch ladies, and also…if it weren’t so simple.

Bottom line…you pretty much have to hand out the food. More often than not, the kids will eat it if it’s there, and then you check the box. It’s not brain surgery. Still, there is now a weekly Breakfast in the Classroom compliance discussion, announcement, and e-mail.

If there were a Breakfast Taco…perfection. And that is pretty much where the art comes from…some outside protocol force frowning on how things are done, countered by a love of Mexican Food.

Next Issue: Migraine Illustrated.

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