Back Into The Asylum.

"Who cares for you?" --Harvey Dent

“Who cares for you?”
–Harvey Dent

I drew this a week ago, knowing that I would have Tool Site Council the day of this post. I knew that Darth would have none of the paperwork done that was needed, and further, that he would have submitted the still overdue paperwork late, despite the mandate from the Council. That is ego, that is hubris, but most importantly…that is the person that I currently work for. Increasingly, that lack of accountability, or at least believed lack of accountability, makes me sick to my @#$.

I took Friday off, for reasons to be discussed in tomorrow’s post. I had drawn the art above before the reasons for taking that day came about, but now, in retrospect, it seems even more appropriate. When i did sit down to draw the piece, I was more thinking of the insanity attached to Tool Site Council. Apparently, the idea is that we are supposed to make some sort of competent budgetary decisions, or approve the SPSA, before the real numbers are added to it. This is, in short, patently ridiculous and/or insane. You wouldn’t invest in a company without a finished business plan, and you would ask to see the figures up front.

This? This is the SAME thing.

My co-teacher tells me that the students were demented on Friday. She apparently got an e-mail from her sub…since she was at a conference. That e-mail discussed insanity at the highest levels. Of course…since now, students represent their gang of choice on campus, and tagging is not erased. Once you let that cancer in, it grows rapidly, and without check. Still, knowing this, I will voluntarily go in to work tomorrow, so that the students can not hand me the assignment they should have done in my absence.

I am almost never gone from class. I will come in sick, tired, and mentally frayed. Apparently, I do this for students who don’t care about their future, about their education, who would happily descend into a life of organized crime (or, at least 25 percent of them). Apparently, I do this for a boss that thinks very little of me, and a Vice Principal that only wants to talk to me about my clothing choices.

Tomorrow, I am going back into the asylum. I’m afraid that it might be where I belong, and quite simply, I don’t want that to be true.

I will say this. There is no way in hell that I have become so influenced by the madness around me that I will even consider voting yes on anything put before the council that A) doesn’t have hard numbers on it, and B) doesn’t make good financial and educational sense. The rest of the group may lack that courage, but I for one, will not say that I stood for anything that crazy or incompetent.

The one thing I’m looking forward to this week…Adequacy’s Issue No. 700! Whoa.

A bit more about today’s art. Heavily influenced by Arkham Asylum, by Grant Morrison. Far from my favorite work by him, but groundbreaking for its time. Beautifully illustrated, but I find the Joker’s dialogue physically hard to read.

Next Issue: About Last Tuesday…

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