Silent Interlude.

I drew this thinking about having a peaceful Saturday.

I drew this thinking about having a peaceful Saturday.

The school week is over, and there is a three day weekend.

This was much needed…it was a tough week. Our Darth became beyond defensive at a meeting, literally rolling up his sleeves, telling the staff that they needed to “make decisions about next year,” and finally, in an effort to seem friendly again, offered to box with people. It was surreal and crazy, and in response to the fact that the staff was holding safety issues up to scrutiny.

In the wake of that, I took a day off…which is insanely rare. It was a much needed day, because sitting in that staff meeting, and listening to accountability being tossed around like a hot potato…it brought on an Epic Level Migraine. The next two days, after recovering, I hunkered down in class, trying to just stay involved in keeping my area secure, and getting projects of interest begun with students.

Today, I had the privilege of a visit from a student who has made it to four year college studies visiting. It made it clear that at least a portion of my career has been of value.

This art though…it’s about the weekend. A bunny from the Adorable Zone. The Vacation Shirt. Pony in a good mood. Even the Hebrew Hammer has been transformed back into a simple walking stick, because hopefully, for three days or so, there will be no need for legal and/or political powers. I wanted to depict a simple good time, spent with close friends. To get the tone of Quality of Life.

Also, after all the time spent on yesterday’s Issue 700, even our hero needed a bit of a rest.

So today, as the Vergara case is winding to a close, I will be shopping at the Bev Center with friends, having dinner at the Mexican Restaurant, planning a day of wine tasting. Taking time on Quality, like the Protagonist.

Soon enough, it will be back to No Man’s Land.


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