The Exact Amount of Caring…Shared.

Simple, non comics code approved feelings.

Simple, non comics code approved feelings.

The trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and the comic Rat Queens have rekindled my basic love of flipping people off. Thank you, kind creators.

So…my day off, for Cesar Chavez Day, did NOT go as planned. It did probably produce a post for later this week, but none of the things I wanted to do went right. The lunch place on the beach was closed, a baseball beaned my friend in the face, and the tasting room wasn’t open. Bunch of @#$% that…!

Looking forward at Tuesday, I am unenthused. Another UTLA meeting will happen, where I will point out that our principal behaved exactly as I predicted the week before. I will note that staff are leaving at an aggressive rate, and that the workplace has become hostile. I will ask others to stand up and be counted, and at the end of the meeting, when Darth comes back in, it won’t happen. That’s frustrating, but solidifies my desire to leave.

After that, new policies will be outlined. Among them will be next year’s schedule, which the staff vote on such is being ignored. This is because Darth and Pledge LA have suddenly discovered the PSC 2.0 plan, which they think empowers them to ignore that vote. Sadly, they are looking at a plan that was rejected by the district, and not the re-written plan that actually governs the school. It would be sad, if I actually cared a whole lot.

Really, though…I don’t. My co-teacher and I are already planning our exit strategy. We are letting different paperwork matters with respect to this bat various figures around like a cat with a toy, but really…how much do I care about a school where I don’t want to be next year? How much can I be bothered to care about the schedule? We will make sure that the right set of rules is enforced, and the right documents ascribed to…because there are students we care about who will be affected. Otherwise…

…not so much. Feel free to come up with policies I don’t endorse…I honestly don’t give a @#$%.

That’s what the art is about, in case it was too subtle, True Believers.

Next Issue: Sandwich from the South!


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