In times of trouble, my friends and I turn to one unifying force: Mexican food. Maybe it’s the burrito, maybe the nacho, perhaps the taco or even the taquito…but at the most troubling times, we can be found at the Mexican restaurant, fixing our problems with south of the border food and drink. This post is a celebration of that fact, after returning to work for a day that could only be called…not great.

Today, I came back to school knowing that a third of my grade level team is already slated to not be there next year. Heck, at this point, about fifty percent of the group of teachers that we started with in grade seven have left, or secured different jobs for next year. That’s a huge deal, especially considering the numbers that the team put up in terms of student achievement last year, and the year before. As a grade level, we did outperform all other grade levels. Half of our epic level science team is already slated to go elsewhere.

Coming back to work, knowing that everyone you like and respect is leaving…that’s a tough one.

I was hoping that breakfast today would be burritos, but that didn’t happen either. I was saddened by that, but in a karmic sense, it added up.

Darth decided to change all of the meeting schedules at the last moment. This produced some confusion, but in my heart of hearts, I honestly believe it was done to prevent us from getting together as a union to discuss the changes to next year’s schedule. In short, a vote was had by the staff, and it didn’t go Darth’s way. Now, a document has been dragged up that suggests that maybe things should go the way he wants…if you read it a certain way. From a certain point of view, it supports his thesis…from another, it supports the staff vote. If the staff is never told this, they don’t know to fight for what they want.

Thus…if you cancel the staff getting together, and the opportunity to ask you questions about it…you must be golden, right?

That looked like the theory. As it was, late into the English department meeting, one of the substitute teachers got into a demented hobo rant of the kind that I expect to see on the way to the Mexican Restaurant. He had to be talked down, and then stormed off, as ranty bums and substitute teachers often do.

Let’s look at the logo and border free art, before I go on. Since tacos make things better.

Yay!  More tacos!

Yay! More tacos!

That’s better.

We are two days from a Tool Site Council meeting, and the budget can only be defined as “up for grabs.” There are some technology issues that we should be able to vote through for this year, but next year’s budget is…in debate. One wonders if there will be any numbers at all in it, and what sort of planning is being done. I have heard that Pledge LA has been involved, and also that they have been looking over documents that they should have been aware of already, but the network of information is breaking down.

Everything is breaking down. It’s sad. My team, in fact the whole staff has worked hard for years to provide a kind of achievement, that was numerically verifiable…and now that seems dashed to the wind. The brief discussion of testing this year was depressing to say the least. Accountability is at an all time low, and as a teacher, I prefer being accountable.

Unbrightened and unfiltered.  Still tacos!

Unbrightened and unfiltered. Still tacos!

Maybe the day this posts we will have burritos. That would be good. The only drawback there is that some Werewolf lunchlady will probably lose my Breakfast roster, and blame me for it with Darth. This seems to happen once a week now. Who knew that Werewolves and Darths were in cahoots?

Neither can ruin Mexican Food.

Next Issue: Under Pressure!

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