Enter…the Budget!

I didn't intend for the images to be so muddy and dark...but it's appropriate.

I didn’t intend for the images to be so muddy and dark…but it’s appropriate.

In the Kingdom of the Blind…Nick Fury is king. partially because he has one eye, and can see. Partially because Nick fury is a master of information gathering and transfer, a broker of knowledge as power. Although Nick Fury can bust down a wall with Captain America in tow…he’s more effective when he is being subtle.

My friends sometimes believe that I don’t know what that word means. i can see where they would have this belief…I would much rather angrily throw all my cards on a table and bring things to a head than engage in shadowy machinations and politics. It’s more honest, more up front than the behind the scenes politics that both corporate America and school administrators seem to love.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not good at those sorts of things when I have to be. Going into our budget meeting, I’ve put my hands on a large number of pieces of information, some of which pre-date our current administration. I’ve shared some of that information with people who can act on it, people who might make some sort of impact. Further, I’ve started to compile some of that information into evaluative documents…some of which suggest that we might not be in an intelligent position to make financial decisions for next year at all.

Personally, I don’t spend money that I don’t have. Seriously, credit cards, that sort of thing…not MY thing. I don’t buy things outside a budget that can be justified with real dollars. That means that I take some time to figure out things like fixed costs, I adjust for changes to those fixed costs, and I plan accordingly. You know…a budget.

Going into this meeting, it seems that the budget that we are being presented is something of a House of Cards. Basic things, like the Bell
Schedule and Scheduling Matrix for next year are not yet determined. That doesn’t seem like such a big deal…except that it completely determines the number of positions at a school, and thus the number of teachers you have to hire. That’s a very big deal, as payroll is a huge amount of the budget. All the documents are coming together at the last minute, with little oversight.

I know that SSC is going into this under a cloud, worried that a solid budget might not be in place. The deadline for those documents to be approved is Monday, the Seventh of April. I know that after the debacle of being overdrawn this year, and having no ability to move or spend funds at all…I don’t want to see future financial problems. As a result, I’m prepared to simply not approve anything at all that doesn’t look kosher to me.

SSC is a council, though. In order to not approve something, a majority of the Council needs to vote against it. Being straight, I have never seen something fail to pass in SSC, so my feeling is that if I do take that kind of stand, it will only be a token gesture, despite the possible wisdom.

All of that said…in a perfect world, the budget is in fine shape, all of the information is there, and it will be a quick meeting.

One can dream.

Next Issue: Flight into the Unknown!


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