The Invention of Faceball.

This came out way better than I expected.

This came out way better than I expected.

So, finally, the tale of Cesar Chavez Day can be told. At least, in the short form.

We went to have lunch at a restaurant on the beach in Malibu, called Duke’s. They had changed their hours in such a way that it was impossible to actually have lunch there, which was disappointing and sucked a little. We found another restaurant, which was actually pretty good.

The goal then, was to throw around a baseball in a park for a while. A simple game of catch. That went well for an hour or so, until my friend tried to catch a ball with her face.

Things went downhill from there.

It was her first time ever throwing and catching a baseball. Until the major face hit, she had been having a good time, apparently. The decision has been made to use a tennis ball in the future, and buy her a catcher’s mask, just in case. The dentist seemed very optimistic that there would be no major problems.

At least that’s a good thing.

Next Issue: A New Beginning!

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