Roman Holiday: History Amazon is Here!

This...this I am proud of.

This…this I am proud of.

My co-teacher just got a grant for several thousand dollars to study abroad in Italy. This is a huge deal. To be perfectly straightforward, I read her grant proposal, and knew she would get it. Still, the news is excellent. It’s one thing to know something, it is another to KNOW it.

She will have the privilege of studying in Florence, Rome, and doing an archaeological dig in Pompeii. That stuff…that’s epic. Once in a lifetime stuff, practically for free. In addition, she’s just pretty much become a consultant for educational software development. Only the deal specifics need to be hashed out. That’s a huge thing.

It’s a new age of awesomeness for my co-teacher, and hence…the artwork. Very much referencing the early 70’s kung fu driven Wonder Woman, and with the Holy Roman Emperor of Ponies. All that is missing is an Atari Logo.

Here’s the Black and White:



In this time of turmoil, where none of us intend to be back next year…this kind of double hit of good news is hugely needed. History Amazon is freaking out, because she thinks that Italians are going to run things in a timely fashion, and she is planning her trip. Somehow, the lesson of the upshot on Mussolini seems to be lost on her.



Next Issue: Stop! That’s not Julie Newmar!


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