So there shall come…a Resume!

The resume is actually not on stone tablets suffused with radiation.  Although...that would be cool.

The resume is actually not on stone tablets suffused with radiation. Although…that would be cool.

At this point, my co-teacher and I are sending out our resumes pretty much every other day. One could say every odd day, and be just as accurate. The fact is…they are going out, to whomever will take them. At this point, we haven’t gotten much in the way of reply, but at this time of year, collection of applicants in a pool for next year is a very real practice.

At the same time, another member of our team has submitted paperwork to be gone from our school next year. In an ironic twist, my co-teacher and myself…the first to be asked to leave, are the last to submit any paperwork to that effect. The downstairs seventh grade team is already down to fifty percent, and dropping.

It is an oddly liberating feeling, the decision to move on. The conclusion that you did your best, and there is just a fundamental failure of collaboration, or vision, that forces one to relegate the challenge to Somebody Else’s Problem. For the next forty or so work days, the chaos will continue, the school will continue to barrel toward impressive new kinds of trouble and failure, but all in all…it’s not going to be my issue for much longer.

With that said, apparently there was a poorly attended Crisis Team meeting today. Although announced as mandatory, it could not have been, and although all “radio carrying team members” are on the Crisis Team…loyalty levels are at an all time low. I know several of them, if not all, that did not attend.

Perhaps they were busy carving their resumes into radioactive stone tablets.

Hopefully Friday I’ll be sending out another resume. These things are a volume game…you need to put out a large number if you are to get any returns, even if you are a Teacher of the Year. Possibly especially if you are one like me, constantly walking with controversy, and standing up for political causes about student rights. We shall see.

Next Issue: Captain Hoofmerica!


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