Spring Break: Dolphins, Alien Americans, and Marvel Sketch Cover–Iron Fist!

Observing the day of rest, in the fashion of her people.

Observing the day of rest, in the fashion of her people.

As we all know, Alien Americans observe the long standing tradition of punching Dolphins in the mouth on Saturday, their day of rest. This particular Saturday stands out for me, as important and unique, for a number of reasons.

1. It’s the first day of Spring Break.
2. I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night. It was good.
3. Saw with, and had dinner with, a mess of friends.
4. We celebrated that my paperwork was in…I expected to feel differently about that, but I don’t.
5. My co-teacher and I already have an interview, with a school that we are very interested in, and seems very interested in us.
6. That school environment, unlike my own, seems to have far less conflict on it than say, Fallujah. I have friends that call my current school “The Fallujah of Education.” I personally like “Edu-Fallujah.”
7. I’m healthy, more or less.
8. The car is working, and if it doesn’t pass smog there is enough cash to deal with it.
9. I intend to get out of town for a few days, away from Los Angeles, and relax.
10. One of my teacher friends gave me a unicorn that you fill with sprinkles. For making cup cakes. I need to learn to make cup cakes or cookies now. Maybe today.

These are all good things. They are things to be celebrated.

Without the water graphics.  Just pure, old school dolphin punching.

Without the water graphics. Just pure, old school dolphin punching.

I’m only a couple days ahead on this strip. I have drawn a lot, but I got interested in making this post bigger, for instance, or color and so forth, That means I will be forced to sit down and draw over break, probably someplace nice, and peaceful. That’s great. In fact, we are getting a bonus post tomorrow for that reason…I just felt like drawing something about my feelings.

School…school is going to be rough. There are less than ten weeks remaining, but things are falling apart. Fights are happening daily, drama is unfolding. on a day to day basis behind the scenes things are happening that are, quite simply, dramatic but slow to culminate. A part of me wants to keep drawing about these things, because there is so much of it.

Probably not, for the next week, unless there is something really unforeseen. This is Spring Break Week.

In addition, Marvel just put out a new Iron Fist book. I wasn’t sure why the prior one was cancelled, but there are a number of things I just don’t understand about the comics industry. A new Iron Fist book meant a new “Draw Your Own Cover”…which I did pretty immediately.

The three kanji are: Dragon, Pony, Hero.

The three kanji are: Dragon, Pony, Hero.

There is not a lot of subtext here. See…there’s a dragon, a pony, and a superhero. That’s pretty much it. It was fun to draw, except that I hate scales. So repetitive, and kind of boring to do.

Here’s the uncropped, with the Marvel comics stuff still at the bottom of the cover, exactly as it appears in my house. That stuff is a bunch of visual clutter, but I just love ACTUAL Marvel comics with my art on them. Hence, I subject the reader to two versions…sorry.

She's clearly practicing her Dolphin Punch.  Clearly.

She’s clearly practicing her Dolphin Punch. Clearly.

Next Issue…Sunday Bonus Post: “We can’t stay here…this is Bat Country!”


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