Spring Break: The Coming of Fish Gaucho!

Day one....as a mixed media collage.

Day one….as a mixed media collage.

Seriously…six wineries on Day One. That’s a bit much. I had a hired driver, and no responsibilities….but at about six glasses per winery, that thirty six glasses of wine. At five glasses per bottle, that come out to about seven bottles…personally. That’s a lot of wine.

A lot.

Of the wineries from day one…I always like Lone Madrone and Adelaida. Check out their web sites, they are pretty quality vineyards. We also went to Whalebone, Halter Ranch,
Villicona and Rotta. Villicona makes Gin, which is great. Gin is good.

For day two there were other things:

Day Two...as Silver Age Goodness!

Day Two…as Silver Age Goodness!

First thing I went to the candy shop to get ponies and Pez and jelly babies, because day one sucked a bit. I got ponies, and Prince Gumball gave me candy, so you see part of the art. Then some random hobo looking $%$ in the street talked to me about Jesus for three blocks. He seemed not to grok that “go away, I’m Jewish!” meant “go away, I’m Jewish.” That soured the calming influence of ponies. Then we went to Firestone Brewery which told me, quite directly, that they didn’t have the things that their menu said they had. Damn @#$% St. Pauli Girl telling me I cant have an IPA. Sadly, the derivative of a tip was taken.

Other wine tasting ensued. LXV Winery was excellent, as well as their label art. They are totally worth checking out what with their Wine and Spice pairing…master level maneuver. Their label art is incredible.

Along the way, we passed a place that is under construction, called “Fish Gaucho.” This got me thinking of Grant Morrisson and Batman Inc., which in turn had me draw this while at Burbank Ranch Vinyards:

The Fish Gaucho.  When Batman Inc. needs Alien American protection in South America.

The Fish Gaucho. When Batman Inc. needs Alien American protection in South America.

Right? I love the Fish Gaucho. There needs to be a Brave and the Bold team up with the Fish Gaucho. They need to fight some sort of chupacabra, or el Maestro de Las Fajitas! This enhanced image came forth…

Underwater motorcycle awesomeness!  Con Blub!

Underwater motorcycle awesomeness! Con Blub!

Tomorrow…the long ride back to Los Angeles!

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