Spring Break: It’s Always Sunny In Asgard!

The smallest part.

The smallest part.

It’s Always Sunny In Asgard is genius. You should follow it now. Right now.

I did this post in an attempt to draw more eyeballs to its Epic Level goodness. Also, recent discussions with my principal have shown the speech balloons above to be true. To his perception, this whole conflict, all of these problems are about him, and his ability to get his way. Along the way, he seems to be forgetting that the conflict between staff and admin is a minimal part of it. All along, it has been about safety, about doing the right thing, about making the kind of school that is acceptable to kids we care about. When things like airborne toxins, asbestos, the First Amendment, and lockdown procedures for live fire situations are where the conflict lies…issues like an individual teacher or principal are the smallest part of the equation.

A friend just asked me if we were starting to look at the wrong part of the battle. With most of Grade Seven not returning, it seems that we have to leave things in a position where the people inheriting our school can function. I don’t know if that means the same administration or not. It might be a problem too big for one person to get a handle on. I do know that in its current state, our school will doom whole classes of students to failure…to being trapped in the neighborhood that the school is designed to provide a portal out of.

In the art…our hero hasn’t even changed the stick into the Hebrew Hammer. She’s mad, sure…that one person’s ego isn’t giving way to doing things in a way that benefits the group. Even she hasn’t seen the need to come to blows about it….and she’s pretty confrontational. After all…she already turned in her official suit and shield. At this point, it’s about holding on.

Why is It’s Always Sunny In Asgard such genius that it needs a permalink? I present this evidence:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B: Judgmental Odin.

Exhibit B: Judgmental Odin.

Exhibit C: Heimdall is disapproving.

Exhibit C: Heimdall is disapproving.

Exhibit D: That's just the Asbestos in the Five Hundred Building you're tasting, Loki.

Exhibit D: That’s just the Asbestos in the Five Hundred Building you’re tasting, Loki.

Or this three part image that makes me think of my own father…




See? Even Thor thinks that a better solution than being mystery solving hobos is in order. To be fair, right now, my co-teachers and I are looking at mystery solving hoboism as a legit career move, since a large number of us have nothing lined up. Turned in our papers just fine…so we can’t be compelled to be where we are. Transfer approved, without so much as a Mystery Machine gassed in the parking lot.

It’s Always Sunny In Asgard is the Asgard that I always pictured spending spring break in. Spring Break, however, is but one week…Asgard is eternal. Heimdall may have said that while not letting the lot of us into Asgard, as if it were some cool nightclub with an expensive cover charge.

If you see this header image...you've made it to It's Always Sunny in Asgard.

If you see this header image…you’ve made it to It’s Always Sunny in Asgard.

So good, I’m installing a permalink to the right. So it will always be sunny.

Next Issue: WonderCon!


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