Spring Break: WonderCon!

This cover is NOT in mint condition.

This cover is NOT in mint condition.

I haven’t been to a Comics Convention in ages. So long, in fact, that I can’t remember specifically the last one I attended. That’s a long time. I don’t go to Comic Con in San Diego, despite everyone asking me every year if I do, assuming that the answer is “yes.” SDCC is like wall to wall people, and a large number of them are film people. Very much not my bag.

However, the day of this post, I will be attending Anaheim’s WonderCon. It’s described to me as a “smaller more intimate convention.” That sounds nice, and more importantly, it sounds less crowded. I have never been to a con with a few years of putting my art on the web in hand…or any similar project. It’s not, by any stretch that I’m a comics creator…however, it does give me a kind of purpose to visiting artist’s alley. I actually want to talk to some of these guys about their craft, and well…how they do it.

I get that they aren’t going to have time to give me art lessons…but any little bit, right?

Interestingly, when I did the art, I was planning on using the aging process above. That takes the corners and the edges out, so I tried to really not work in those areas. I still got too close to the edges…so feel free to look at the inked black and white art below:

It is clearer here how I skimped on the corners, knowing the process of aging would eat them up to some degree.

It is clearer here how I skimped on the corners, knowing the process of aging would eat them up to some degree.

Before anyone raises their hands in protest…I think the way that New 52 Superman is handled, or for that matter, movie Superman, to be a bit creepy. Willing to level Metropolis to get the bad guy, and very willing, in cover art, to be very “hands on” with Wonder Woman. When the spandex went out the window for interlocking metal plates, so did the idea that he “went slow” in relationships. Heck, the film with Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor made him out to be a bit of a stalker.

This has been a long, slow process of eroding the perfect Boy Scout of my youth, and I haven’t felt too great about it.

In addition, it’s addressing something that I didn’t even know about until I started talking about going to a convention. The idea that we need to tell fans that “Costumes do not mean Consent.” Or, more frequently phrased, “Cosplay does not equal Consent.” In response to a growing concern amongst convention goers about the harassment of cosplayers, Photographer Sushi Killer created the “The Beginnings of CONsent” project.


“Last weekend at Wondercon 2013, I began work on a project I have wanted to do for some time now. As many of our readers may know, there has been escalating tension within the convention going community regarding the physical and emotional safety of cosplayers. Last week, cosplayer Meagan Marie spoke out against the people within the gaming industry who treat female cosplayers as pieces of meat, only there for the enjoyment of men. This, and the continued discussion within my circle of cosplay friends has pushed my plans forward, and I now present to you the beginnings of my photo essay, inspired by #IneedFeminismBecause; “CONsent: The Importance of Treating Cosplayers with Respect.”

Wow. I had no idea that this was a widespread thing. Cosplay really wasn’t that widespread when I was attending conventions, and really, it takes the fun out of considering getting a fancy costume. Some of the stories at this Buzzfeed article make the skin crawl, and apparently harassment is not limited to female cosplay fans, as one might think. Clearly, they get the lion’s share of harassment, which is sad…because one would think that a place celebrating super heroes would have a better core value structure.

I will only be bothering artists, I think. I’m looking forward to explaining Adequacy to artists in Artist’s Alley, and having them draw me guest pages as commission. Rob Liefeld will be there.

Rob Liefeld. I’ve taken shots at him, legitimately cheap shots, all the time on this page. The very idea that I could have him draw a commission page…with the memory of his New Mutants run in my heart when he does it…that’s fantastic. That right there has been driving my week. I have no idea how much that might cost…it may go up in smoke. I am a teacher after all….not known for Monopoly Man wheelbarrows of cash.

Overall…I’m looking forward to it, and hope it results in a guest artist week…which would be fun. I’ve wanted to do that for some time. Scott Koblish, Tone Rodriguez, and Rob Liefeld would make an excellent core to such a guest week…


One can dream.

One of my favorite artists, the genius who gave us Mini-Marvels, Chris Giarrusso, has this to offer, from his web comic “Tales from the Con.”

Bringing up a riddle for the ages...can Wolverine eat a hundred peeps and not be sick?

Bringing up a riddle for the ages…can Wolverine eat a hundred peeps and not be sick?

I can only hope that such an exhibit is there, combining my love of comics with my fascination by peeps. Peeps are a miracle material, but probably shouldn’t be called “food.” Click here for more info on that…

There’s a good chance there there WON’T be a Saturday post, Gentle Readers…since I have no idea when I would draw it. Time will tell…


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