Terror Incoginita!

There is a huge subtext here.

There is a huge subtext here.

So…this posts the day that I return to school.

It’s an odd time. My entire team has submitted transfer papers, and a good percentage have places to go. My co-teacher of a dozen years and I have an interview on Wednesday morning. Darth keeps talking about “transforming our school” which is fascinating to me, because it has undergone a transformation this year, and not for the better. Despite the amount of lawyering that he and his team are “the new guys”…at this point there has been more time on his watch this year than not.

In short…the massive changes that are happening can easily be attributed to this administration.

The art is about that. The logo of SHIELD turning into the Hydra logo is directly cribbed from Paolo Rivera, but also very on point. The idea that a once benevolent organization is now being changed, gradually, through the incursion of sleeper agents into something it wasn’t. Regardless of what is being officially said now, the school went up nearly a hundred API points in two years. That’s huge…and revisionist history aside, it’s real positive achievement.

Note that the protagonist, the last remaining clone, and History Amazon are all in winter gear. Right now, when it comes to getting things done at school, we are all out in the proverbial cold, and that’s the reference. Our hero is holding a regular gun, as a form of defense, because the assets that we are used to are just not in play. No Ultimate Nullifiers, Hebrew Hammer not in sight, Laser Vision goggles left behind, not working…just the basics. The mean, lean basics.

The proverbial cold is amplified by the return of Union Darths. Suddenly, the Union wants to be back at our school, and is sending Big Darths to meet with us on Wednesday. See how the Union Darth has her back turned to the team, as well as Darth? Dismissive of both sides, and complacent in her own power, which sadly, is not obvious, and is actually evaporating. UTLA actually won’t deal with my team and I, and more or less requested that we not be at the Wednesday meeting.

The part that hacks me off most about that is that the damn Union lifts the same dues off of us as everyone else. They have actively conspired against my team and I in the past, and I have e-mails that show it…I pay these people…and they don’t represent us. The Union simultaneously wonders why so few of it’s members vote. Newsflash…when you don’t represent your constituency, they don’t support you.

Thankfully, a third of us will be at Job Interviews, and miss those particular hypocrites. I’m hoping that some of the staff show up, and start standing up for themselves…since I won’t be there to do it for them next year.

Finally, in the foreground and at the bottom, Darth himself. Looking, younger, stronger, and more spry. That’s because this is how he feels. Everyone that has been a thorn in his side is leaving, his budget has passed, and he thinks that soon, very soon, everyone will do exactly as he says. An e-mail this week made it clear that he doesn’t feel there is a need to vote on next year’s schedule, despite the clear provisions of the contract. For Darth, it all seems to be falling into place.

My team and I just have to make it through about six weeks. That should be easy enough, despite being out in the cold.


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