Interview: More Than Meets The Eye!

I think i should call this Autobot "Wheeljane."

I think i should call this Autobot “Wheeljane.”

On Sunday, out of boredom and stress, I built a model Autobot from the Construct-Bots series by Hasbro. It comes as fifty five teeny pieces in a box, and with the help of the amazingly language free instructions, you assemble them into a Transformer. One that can change modes, in fact, from a clunky looking robot (sorry, Hasbro) to a futuristic looking land vehicle of some kind. The process was pretty challenging. I had selected the kit of Wheeljack…hence, after finishing it, and being stressed about today’s job interview, I drew the art above, with “Wheeljane.”

I wanted the protagonist to have a sort of flying posture, using her hands to stabilize herself. I’m okay with how it came out…it would have worked better if her whole figure were visible. As it is, she could be just sort of standing or leaning near Wheeljane. The point was sort of an unsteady flight…which is harder to illustrate than one might think. Especially the sort of “beginning ice skater” feel that I’m after.

So, obviously, my co-teacher and I have an interview. I’m pretty damn #$%@ stressed about it, because really, it’s a pretty dream job. We stay together, at a Pilot School (we wanted to start one of those), that actually has a Blended Learning program up and running. They are nearby, in a good neighborhood, and are looking for people at our grade level to expand a whole new grade level (they are adding one grade level a year). That’s pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle in one basket.

All we have to do is not @#$% it up.

A half robot @#$%bag, an NSYNC Darth, and a Darth that really looks scary.  Hell of a hiring panel.

A half robot @#$%bag, an NSYNC Darth, and a Darth that really looks scary. Hell of a hiring panel.

See…this is sadly how I feel about things going in. Intimidated, and generally assuming the worst. My co-teacher and I are legit educational heavy hitters, but the interview is where you go in and Impress People. You convince other human beings that it would be in their own best interests to give you money. Actual American dollars, instead of someone else.

Despite being worried about that, and the long shadow of reputation that being at odds with a principal and a not for profit…I am oddly positive about the meeting. We have a large number of special qualifications and specific hooks that make us look good, besides being two teachers of the year. We know the content, we know the area, and our stats look fantastic. Ultimately, it is hard to imagine a better fit.

Still…pretty scary undertaking. In the dream situation, the meeting ends like the one that landed us where we are today…with a handshake and an offer, leading to a new job.

One thought on “Interview: More Than Meets The Eye!

  1. Hard as it is, try not to stress too much. You are that good, and if these people want what you bring to the table, then they’ll recognize that.

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