O Captain! My Captain!

I'd be keeping a hand on that shield, too, Cap.

I’d be keeping a hand on that shield, too, Cap.

So, I liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I never got around to doing any art, or any commentary about it, despite now two weeks in the hopper since I saw it. It was a pretty solid film, and I can see why it was well received. A little heavy on the action sequences, which actually started to get a bit repetitive. I mean, how many different ways can Cap beat up a generic dude?

It had Batroc the Leaper, which is just hilariously awesome. One of Jack Kirby’s sillier, but very fun creations.

I also liked how much of a hassle it was for him to do Captain America things. His powers are good, yeah…but not great. He’s super strong, but not too super strong, he runs fast, but still has to really work at running everywhere, and the shield…is something you just kind of have to schlep around. That was fun.

Here’s the unfiltered color art before I get into my few, and sort of picky beefs.

The raw image.

The raw image.

So…the Winter Soldier/Bucky is found by Hydra after World War II. Hydra gives him a bionic arm, and freezes him up, to release him as a bad ass international assassin fairly regularly over the course of the Cold War years, up until now. Bucky, an American soldier from the forties, who lived in New York City and had a high school education.

Why does he speak Russian? Why is there a big ol’ Red Star on his shiny bionic arm? In the film…he never worked for the Russians. AT ALL.

Leave his arm blank! Put a Hydra logo on it. Whatever…it doesn’t matter, it was just a nagging little thing that kept bugging me.

The second part was the end. SHIELD is over, and the agents have all taken job interviews and work elsewhere. I get it, good closure, well done. However…Marvel is still trying to show me a TV show called “Agents of SHIELD.” How is that supposed to work? I mean…SHIELD is done in by the end of Captain America II…and the show is now dealing with the same set of concepts. Granted, not that many people were watching it, and tie ins to the movie help it out in ratings…but we are asking me to swallow the idea that SHIELD will just sort of “come back” at some point.

I’ve actually accepted exactly that plotline in comics more than once, by the way. Inside a comic book, though….is different than watching an action-drama with lines that real people actually have to say, and make me believe.

The black and white inks.

The black and white inks.

As for the art…Cap is beyond chiseled. Beyond. Our hero would be all over that. Plus, it makes a nice companion piece to the Iron Man and Thor images, which you can look up in the archives. Cap looks dubious, on purpose. The protagonist would freak him out, pretty certainly. She’s an Alien American for starters, and Cap is from the nineteen forties. ‘Nuff said on that. She also curses a lot, and throws things into the sun. not very ladylike behavior.

Next Issue: Guest Artist Week begins! Bee There!


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