Inhuman Resources.

Non-Fiction.  Really.

Non-Fiction. Really.

So…apparently, the “I’m taking a mental health day” issue at my school has gotten to the point where Darth is asking for Doctor’s notes pretty frequently now. I had this pleasant experience, with my union rep in tow, after taking that rarest of things for me…a sick day.

Staff morale is at an all time low. Our Pledge LA coordinator on campus, who is a neophyte to the realities of our school, says that it is more or less non-existent. If we are to the point where I am taking days off, you probably need to use integer math, and chart negative numbers of morale. imagine my surprise when my sick day paperwork was kicked back to me with a request for an explanation.

Even after it seemed resolved, I felt the need to call Pledge LA headquarters, and question matters. I had to ask whether in fact, a “war” was something that everyone wanted. I explained that I was intentionally staying out of Darth and his sidekick, Haircut’s, collective way….and would prefer that they stayed out of mine. I was assured, in no uncertain terms, that no one wanted a “war.”

Payroll has happened, and all went as it should, which was good. At least over this, any sort of conflict is not needed.

Still, as we enter Teacher Appreciation Week, and Darth continues to spout platitudes by every media available to him, I am bewildered. It is clear to most staff that he considers us expendable and/or replaceable at best…people that he wouldn’t @#$% on if they were on fire at worst. The art reflects what I consider to be the interior, inner circle dialogue, that the rank and file never hear.


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