“Hang In There.”

Not the best mental state when drawing.

Not the best mental state when drawing.

The title comes from the less than useful advice that my Dad recently gave me. Decades on this planet, and he tells me what a kitten on the internet can tell me. Thanks.

So…we are going to get right to deconstructing the heavy handed metaphor of the art today. First off, we see that our hero is on her knees, and clutching her heart. Something has brought her low, and in this exact moment, it is the hypocrisy of her, and my position. Every day, I tell students that they will be successful, and have a better comfortable life if they just “buy in” to the concepts and ideas that I am functionally selling. Having sent out close to double digits worth of resumes, and being one of the most decorated teachers in Los Angeles…I have ONE job interview. That brings me pretty low.

Note the new Union Darth. More powerful looking? Yep? Old School Darthing? Yep…check those shoulder pads and that weird life support plate. Uncaring of our hero, and in fact shoving her down in her hour of meed? Check. Let’s call it what it is…our area rep refuses to call me back or handle my legitimate grievance, and the Secondary Vice President of the Union that I pay dies to requested that I not be present when he was. If that’s not pushing you down when you’re hurting…I don’t know what is.

Oh…are those guys any help getting a new position? Not so much, True Believers…not so much.

The looming cyborg New School Deathlok Cyborg? Well…iPads, and iPad testing are everything these days. My coming interview is in part dependent on a Google driven business project, and the standardized test, SBAC, is iPad dependent. There is simply no escape from the looming technological terror that has been created. You might wrestle with it, you might have better powers…but it is always there, watching, waiting for you to fall. In some views, technology is due to replace teachers…it could be the New World Order.

The SHIELD logo is there because it represents the eclipse of what my team and I set forth for. We wanted to be an organized, sanctioned force for good, for change in a community that needed it. Now, much like SHIELD, we have been eclipsed and taken over from within, betrayed while we were focused on larger, possibly less important issues.

The metaphor is particularly heavy handed and grim today.

Tomorrow: Marvel Sketch Cover Madness! Hooray Sketch Covers!


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