Know When to Hold ‘Em…

The Millennium Falcon in the background was a hassle.

The Millennium Falcon in the background was a hassle.

So…my co-teacher and I have an ‘official, formal” interview set for the ninth of May, with that school that really impressed us. Despite being a bit put out that we spent three hours there on something that wasn’t an interview, we were pretty positive about our upcoming audition, as it were. They had asked us if we would like to be interviewed together, and we agreed…the plan was made.

Pretty soon, the deal started to change. First, we would not be interviewing together, due to a “protocol” and various time constraints. My History Teacher would be on the ninth, and i would be on the Thirteenth. Irksome, but workable.

Next thing…I’m teaching a History lesson, and she’s teaching an Advertising/Economics lesson. This seemed counterintuitive, given it is the reverse of our assignments. So, we asked about it, and it was confirmed for us that yes, that was the way it was intended.

After that…it was revealed to me that the software package for that history lesson would possibly not be in a live beta test for me to use…despite the expectation that I would use it. It was about that time that I started to draw the artwork above. At that point in things, it seemed like a set up to fail, like the school was going through with interviews but had no real desire to hire us.

“This deal keeps getting worse all the time!” Lando Calrissian said it, and heck, I got dressed up at least as nice as Lando to go to that first “meet and greet.” It felt at this point like there was this awesome Edu-Thing that we had just been swindled out of in a game of Sabacc, after the cards rotated. That’s the tone of the art, if you missed it.

Han and Chewie are babies because this school has literally just opened. We are talking about people that have a good thing going, but have been at it for the educational equivalent of five minutes. They know they have a good thing going, so they are doing their best to make good choices for staffing. That doesn’t mean that it feels any LESS like a “cool kids club.”

Since I drew the art, some things have changed. First, it was brought to our attention that they noticed their mistake in assigning us the wrong lessons. My co-teacher put a pretty fine point on that, indicating that we thought so, while still being polite. It was very well done.

Secondly…my co-teacher also stepped in and made the software package possible, by sending e-mails, calling people, and generally kicking some @#$. That was a pretty big wake up call of, “these people get things done, brochachos.”

I’m thinking we aren’t going to feel all that positive until this process is just done. Asking for a transfer was a gamble to be sure…but there was no way we could stay where we are, with the current state of affairs.

As an important corollary to all of this, I have found that it is really, really hard to buy Lando’s clothes. Even on the internet.

Next Issue: Reversal of Fortune!


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