Reversal of Fortune!

That's what I'm talking about.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Today…my co-teacher goes for her interview with the school that we really want to hire us. As an advantage…they just got information about how to render their history software live online from the History Amazon. That was kind of a huge deal, and very, very important to their model. We spoke on the phone with them via conference call yesterday, and things seemed fairly positive. That all was discussed in yesterday’s post…but at this point, everything is slightly more real.

The thing keeping us afloat on that is the premise that the students are…more prepared for school. They seem more motivated, more intrinsically aware. I am going over the ideas for my demo lesson, overthinking things, overstepping what is needed. At the core, it is mostly about the ability to run a student centered lesson, to manage the class and interact well. If there is one thing I am pretty good at, that is it.

Having gotten mail back mentioning that this school is in fact very interested in us…it has lifted our spirits. It has made things look more positive, in general. However, we have more or less decided that the outcome is almost irrelevant. Simply put, there are just not more qualified applicants than us. Two teachers of the year, decorated in school reform, known for high test scores. The interview comes down to personality, and is simply ours to fumble.

With the long time frame between the initial interview and the official interview…our emotions have been a roller coaster. Ups and downs, pros and cons…one of us positive, the other negative. It has been a tough time frame, but at this point…we are pretty unified. Our feeling is that we can definitely knock things out of the park, provided that we are able to teach the lessons that we prepare. Hers is high tech, mine surprisingly low tech, and we are designing them as “dream lessons”. The kind of things we would teach given loose guidelines as to content, and maximum levels of student input. For us, it has become more about seeing what we can do with a motivated audience, and much less about the actual outcome.


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