Cinco De Awesome!

No comment.

No comment.

I drew this on May the 4th, just before Cinco De Mayo. Being way ahead in content, I am first able to post it now…but don’t feel all that bad about it. It has Fish Gaucho, a Dia de los Muertos Dolphin getting punched out, and a pair of Mexican Monkeys getting housed. Bottom line, on any given day, it’s a pretty excellent illustration.

Thankfully, even being off topic for today, the rest of the week is startlingly focused and on point. Coming up are issues involving interview part two, Smarter Balanced Testing, and the new Magic: The Gathering set, to name a few. Oddly though, even with all that content, I’m stressed about drawing, not sure what to come next.

It comes from the so-called Creative Process for Adequacy. You see, things have to happen to me, and then I re-invent them as superhero comics. Either I have to be unhappy about something in the comics industry, or ecstatic about it…or there has to be some series of educational events that can be molded into the content of the strip. I rarely just have an idea, and draw it, and am somewhat envious of people that do.

Still…even though it is seven days late, the empirical awesomeness of Cinco de Awesome is undiminished. Now, I just have to plan a “demo lesson” for a school that may have already been told that I am downright evil, figure out the content for the SBAC testing activity, make handouts for that audition and the hiring committee, and at some time during the day tomorrow, build a robot on my desk.

Oh…I will also preside over my final Tool Site Council meeting.

It is easy to see how i might have a week of content in the hopper, huh, True Believers?


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