“They Arrived Just Before You Did.”

"This deal keeps getting worse all the time!"

“This deal keeps getting worse all the time!”

The day this posts, I go to the official interview for a job that I really want. My co-teacher already went to her part, now it is my turn. Today, we had some of the staff of the school at our own school as guests…and I have to admit, I had real trouble dealing with it. This process of interview and interact, and so forth has gone on since April 23rd, and quite frankly, has had enough twists and turns that I will just be happy to be done with it.

Hence the art. Our hero is once more all dressed up like Lando Calrissian, with the attempt of being suave, witty and charming. With the intent of impressing, and cutting the “deal.” She has Seven and a Deathlok in tow, because really, I’m going into this with a surprisingly old school approach, despite the school being about a substantial amount of technology in education. If they want to see me do a demo lesson, then I assume the want to see me interact with kids, and engage in real pedagogy, and not watch someone manage a Google driven workshop. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking with it.

I have rewritten my lesson too many times at this point. I’m considering putting together an activities/standards handout to give to the hiring committee…I’m considering not. At this point, I just want to walk in, do what I do best, and let the chips fall where they may.

My co-teacher has been overestimating our interviewers. She’s very impressed with who they have been running with, with the attention that the new approach is getting. I have to admit, I’m impressed too, but more in a “hey…you should want ME on your team,” kind of way. Still…the fascination that she has with those heavy hitters, and the feeling of a deal gone sideways had me crack out the old Obama Filter again:



By the time I come home to make my next post, it will all be done…with a target date of Thurday for an answer.


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