Journey Into Nicks!

Horsey takes his Magic: The Gathering very seriously.

Horsey takes his Magic: The Gathering very seriously.

A bunch of my friends are pretty excited about this. Theros is the current set of Magic: The Gathering cards, based entirely on Greek mythology. Two previous blocks, the self titled “Theros” and “Born of the Gods” have already come out. Just recently, the final set, “Journey into Nyx” was released…or as I prefer, “Journey into Nicks.” Like there are a bunch of buys named Nick going in for an annual check up, or perhaps some sort of prison cellmate kind of situation. But with the implication of a long process.

Apparently, I’m wrong. Apparently, Nyx is depicted as the land of night and home of the gods as believed by the inhabitants of Theros. As a result, dreams are believed to be messages from the gods. When the likenesses of the gods appear in the night sky, it’s as though the gods are inhabiting both the mortal and spiritual world at the same time.

I dunno…I’m still fond of a lot of troubled looking guys named Nick, behind a velvet rope holding numbers or tickets. Seems like a more compelling image.

As it is, my friends are far more interested in new sets than I am. Having stacks of the previous two blocks that I don’t play cards with often enough, I really did not get the motivation to be all that concerned about more cards. I kind of want to give the cards I have sitting on my desk a workout. Also…once I kind of set up a deck…I’m done with it. No endless playtesting and tweaking…it can sit, unchanged and un@#$%ed with, for years. I don’t care if they are “Tournament legal” since I’m not all that interested in tournaments and DCI points.

Still…it seems like this is an opportunity to get out some cards, and play a few games of Magic. Lose a few games to Tax Hitler. That’s always kind of a nice get together, and blessedly quiet. A few friends with a mutual interest in a gaming experience, and adult beverage or two, and some trash talk.

Given the last weeks, that would be a welcome thing.

Also…I know that I haven’t come back to the interview from Tuesday. There’s art and plotline from that coming, so stay tuned, True Believers.

For now…be like Horsey and me, and find a game to play and enjoy.


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