Bonus Post: Something Different…

Filtered and brightened.

Filtered and brightened.

I was asked by a close friend to draw a poster for his daughter, who is going to college on the east cost this fall. Something we can blow up, frame, and put on the wall. I’ve watched her grow up for years, and consider the fine young adult she is now to be my friend as well, so the task was both an honor, and something completely different.

I was told to draw “something like you do, you know, with superheroes.” Still, with that in mind, I had NO ideas. Eventually, the idea of drawing a young lady studying as a part of it was my beginning. Then, I decided to make the book look old, and to have small steampunk robots lighting it. The recipient was Captain of the Robotics Team here at Culver City High School. Somehow that led to the old time diving suit, and the tentacles…which led to the fish, which goes blub.

The porthole looking inward, to the ocean, but hanging in space is kind of poignant. I didn’t think about it while I drew it, but the metaphor is pretty clear with our hero’s hand against the glass. I see my young friend once a week, pretty much, and have for years. Now, with her growing up and going off to college, there is a very real separation being placed. Of course, I’ll still see the family on a weekly basis, but that was clearly the subconscious thought behind what at the time “seemed like it would look cool.”

Out of it came a world in the poster that is a hybrid of Sandman and 20,000 League Under the Sea, and I rather like it. Her dad liked the rough draft, I’ll be showing the color proofs, such as they are, the day of this posting.

The raw colors, which are more muted and somber.

The raw colors, which are more muted and somber.

Yes, of course there was a point where I said to myself, “This poster needs ponies.” Seriously, what do you think we are doing here, True Believers? The raw colored pencils make the pony more interesting in color, but I think we will be voting that version down, because it is ultimately too somber of tone. This is for a college dorm room, for a non Emo person.

I do rather like the black and white inks.  I think they are still a very real candidate fore the final product.

I do rather like the black and white inks. I think they are still a very real candidate fore the final product.

This is the first thing that I have ever drawn that will be reproduced and printed in a larger size than the original, which is pretty exciting to begin with. The idea that it will adorn my friend’s college dorm room…even better.

Next Issue: Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Original Sin!

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