Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Original Sin!

Really...given the premise of the Watcher as a character, he is constantly watching everyone on Earth bathing.  And recording it.

Really…given the premise of the Watcher as a character, he is constantly watching everyone on Earth bathing. And recording it.

From Marvel’s own web site: “The death of the Watcher kicks off a murder mystery and unleashes deadly secrets across the Marvel Universe!”

For more info, you can click the link here.

In short, some sort of Cosmic Hitman took out the Watcher, a guy that even Galactus respects. This is “a big deal” since the Watcher, by profession, watches and records every single event that happens on Earth. The killer stole both his files, and his eyeballs, creepily enough, and the premise is that all of these “dirty secrets” will come out to alter the status quo of comics. in a lot of ways, it sounds a whole lot like DC Comics “Identity Crisis”…a status quo changing murder mystery.

Uatu the Watcher first appears in marvel comics way back in Fantastic Four No. 13. His race of big headed aliens has a strict non-interference policy with other less advanced races, much like the Prime Directive that Captain Kirk routinely ignores. Whenever a major event is happening in marvel Comics, the Watcher tends to come down from the moon, where he watches, and take a ringside seat. It’s usually a pretty big hint that something major is happening, like Galactus arriving, the Trial of Reed Richards, or the Skrull Invasion.

He also tends to be pretty closely locked in with the Fantastic Four, allowing me to continue this “plotline.” Our hero is in the old Mk I Fantasticar, or “Flying Bathtub.” She is using is as a bathtub, while the Watcher, inexplicably, is watching personally. The protagonist of Adequacy bathing is not a major Marvel Comics Event. Also for some reason, the rest of the Fantastic Four is on hand, looking surprised, non plussed, or embarrassed.

Seriously, this “Original Sin” is more interesting than the secrets the Watcher has seen that have been revealed so far. The Illuminati mind wiped Captain America, just like the JLA did to Batman. Surprise there, huh? Angela is apparently related to Thor in some way, in order to make her a real Marvel character. Oooh…startling. Black Widow lies to people, being a super spy and all. Wow!

Mike Deodato’s art is beautiful, and we did get to see Nick Fury’s SHIELD Flying Car, a Pontiac GTO….but seriously, the plotline is wanting so far. I am hoping that Marvel has something else in the hat, and also, that they give me another sketch cover.

Still…the Fantastic Four stuff has been fun. Once again…more story in a single panel than in four issues of Robinson’s book so far.

Next Issue: Another Interview!

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