Four’s Company!

I still contend that I am doing a better job than James Robinson.

I still contend that I am doing a better job than James Robinson.

So…the day of this post, James Robinson’s Fantastic Four No.4 ships to stores. At the end of the last issue, the FF was served a summons after they fought the Wrecking Crew, and banned from their Headquarters, the Baxter Building. Oooh. The drama.

The She-Hulk is a giant green lawyer, and used to be on the team. In fact, she appeared earlier in issue No. 4. In fact, not only has the FF had both legal and financial problems before…but the Baxter Building has both been schelped into space and physically thrown at them by Gladiator after he uproots it. If you want Baxter Building drama, you need to try harder, Mr. Robinson.

In the spirit of Baxter Building Drama, I decided to do a flashback of sorts, and fill in the blanks on how our hero is standing in for the team, now in red uniforms (I have yet to depict them in color). Johnny has lost his powers, and being a kind of random douche, says what he says. Is there supporting evidence for this? There is, in fact.

In the last FF series, when leaving for space and asked to pick his replacement in the FF, he chooses his girlfriend of the moment, who has no powers. Although she was an interesting character (what if Katy Perry were in the FF?) it was a unilaterally poor decision. I figured to just continue that thesis with this…considering the panel set that I colored, from when the FF wore Blue Uniforms. it’s a Three’s Company style 70’s sitcom situation, in the Baxter Building!

Here’s hoping that Issue No. 5 brings some of the good storytelling I associate with James Robinson to the table. Although, I am appreciating the ease with which he gives me plotlines to mock.

Next Issue: No Man’s Land…Under Assault!

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