Vigil In A Wilderness Of Haters.

The apocalyptic final weeks.

The apocalyptic final weeks.

This is not much of an exaggeration. In past years, my team was in the (now condemned) Five Hundred Building. totally enclosed, if campus became crazy, we could simply close the building doors, creating a Fortress…to keep the Haters out. Now, we are out in “No Man’s Land,” with no administrators, open concept architecture, and no supervision. Add to that the fact that last Friday, we told all of the Eighth Grade students that weren’t “walking the stage” or Culminating…that they weren’t. At our school in South Central, that is over one hundred students, a third or so of the grade level.

With nothing to lose, they simply wander the halls, or the campus in general, angry and feeling immune to consequence. What are we going to do, suspend them? Give detention? They are already failing to graduate the Eighth Grade….it is hard to go “bigger” than that.

Teacher absenteeism is at an all time high, and supervisory morale is low. A campus aide who broke up a fight was recently disciplined for doing so, so all are pretty reluctant to step in and provide order. Darth and his cronies are generally not to be seen, setting up a secure camp in their offices.

As all this chaos ensues, it bleeds onto the students in my grade level. Conduct is becoming more erratic…and students who had been stable are…losing it. A fine young man with anger issues that has controlled his temper admirably all year hit critical mass today in an Epic Meltdown. That’s depressing, because with order and structure, he does well. Sadly, he can see the walls coming down, at least metaphorically, and adjusts to the negativity of the paradigm.

The black and white inks.

The black and white inks.

With about a week of classes to go, it seems like it can only get worse. In the art, an oasis of safety, in the high ground is depicted. Sadly, that island of safety above the craziness can’t last.

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