All Out Truancy! (We Need More Ponies!)

Not enough Po-Nays!

Not enough Po-Nays!

I’d like to note that’s Pony, Pony Stark, and the Equine Torch. That’s a lot of ponies.

Before ten o’clock in the morning, there was already a fight on the lower level of the No Man’s Land area. My best class was dragging their feet in dismissing, so I wasn’t able to step in on it. Oddly, this is at a time when one of our campus supervision aides is on a “leave” while he is “investigated.” Go figure.

Today had rampant truancy among the Eighth Graders. Rampant. The non-graduates are wandering the Earth looking for trouble, like the
“roamers” of the Walking Dead. Students from the nearby high school loitered at the gate, reaching through, attempting to taunt our students into doing all manner of dumb things. Darth and his Cronies did not supervise, hunkering down in their building, claiming “meetings” and other “administrative chores.” By the days end, there were numerous fights, the Campus Police officer was entrenched getting to the bottom of them, and a student of mine threw her work directly in a math teacher’s face.


Also, during this day of marvelousness, I have the sudden chore of trying to make heads or tails of our supervision aides’ sudden suspension. And…I wrote three letters of recommendation, for a trio of staff members that are suddenly getting off the ship, as it were. All in all, an action packed day, even in terms of my business.

Midway through, it was discovered that one of my students’ iPads had gone AWOL. At this point, I am still uncertain as to its whereabouts, having gone missing, apparently, when there was a substitute teacher. Go figure.

The day of this posting…I go in for another round. The graduating Eighth Grade kids will be on a field trip. The others…will be on campus, angry. Charming.

On a related note, but having to do with the Comics Industry…we recently had a presentation by the campus police officer about what teachers can, and can’t do. In terms of restraining kids that are violent, confiscating things, and so forth. It turns out that a large number of teachers think that they can be very “hands on”, and it has been a problem. You can break up fights, and in my opinion should…but it is a risk, on several levels.

The same week as this speech, Marvel’s new “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” shipped. The artists and the colorist somehow decided to draw Shang Chi, who is directly based on Bruce Lee, as a Tom Cruise looking white guy.


In addition…there is very little Kung Fu, or martial arts, in “Deadly Hands.” i was mad about this, and got thinking about our hero. Being nigh invulnerable and super strong, she might take a martial arts class for fun, or because it’s cool…but she doesn’t need it. She can just chuck things into the sun. Or throw a Buick at them, which I am obsessed with right now.

So…she would have “Average Hands of Kung Fu,” at best.

Thus…adding to the Adequate Family of Comics…featuring “Tales of Adequacy,” “All-Star Western Academy,” and “Potential Comics,” we now have…

The powers?  Amazing.  The Kung Fu?  Just average.

The powers? Amazing. The Kung Fu? Just average.

Next Issue: Maximum Clonage!

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