“I’m Sorry…I Didn’t Know How This Machine Worked.”



“Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Rat Queens” have reignited my love of the simple flip off. I have said it here before, and I will say it again. Also, Dark Horse’s “The Star Wars” had its final issue this week…I haven’t been fond of the book. It read like what it was…Lucas’ first, very rough draft of Star Wars. Artistically, I have thoroughly enjoyed it, the art team has gone out of its way to make it look and feel like Ralph McQuarrie’s concept sketches, down to using a similar color palette and many of his early, rough draft designs.

So, artistically, I wanted to reference the close of that book, and give Ralph McQuarrie some well deserved respect in this bonus post. He paved the way for the idea that films needed to be “art designed” and created an industry by means of his vital collaboration on Star Wars. He passed on in 2012, and two years later, Dark Horse has a successful book based on the stuff that he left on the cutting room floor. Kind of incredible.

One of my favorite McQuarrie concept art pages.  Vader's costume is almost set...and the gear on Starkiller is something we never see.

One of my favorite McQuarrie concept art pages. Vader’s costume is almost set…and the gear on Starkiller is something we never see.

I did dissent with McQuarrie’s designs for Luke Starkiller in terms of costuming. And for those of you out to correct me, it was “Starkiller” not Skywalker in the draft. I instead dessed the protagonist in the Jedi Uniform, or possibly the uniform of the forces of the planet Aquilae (it was a bit unclear) that Dark Horse designed. It’s classy, high seventies in it’s design, and fun. Upon seeing the pencils, I got the comment, “She looks hot.”

About the content though…every single teacher at our school who has filed a transfer got a form letter the other day from Darth. He sent it on order from the Academics Chief at Pledge LA…I know, because I asked. The letter inquired whether in fact a new position had been secured, and to inform about this, one way or the other, or if we intended to return next year.

@#$% jerk, really. You go out of your way to invite anyone who disagrees with you to leave. Now….you have no idea of the staffing, over a third of your staff with transfers on file, and you have the Epic Level Chutzpah to say, basically, “Help me out. I’m in violation of contract by having never even SHOWN a matrix for the schedule of next year, and want to know who is leaving…because there are so many I can’t keep track.” That really demands a kind of self centered sociopathy that is hard to quantify…even harder to interact with.

So, that’s why we have Darth, looking less directly evil and more political, looking over things. That’s why the Pledge LA headquarters is floating in the sky, also to receive our hero’s hand signal of scorn. The flying spacecraft, moving away from both? Agent of GATE, a science teacher, just got a position elsewhere…with no transfer on file. The fact is…more are leaving than stepped up to the plate to tell the Darths.

The droids are there because they happen to be in my classroom. All my old tech, plus that robot I built on my desk and have been hauling to interviews. The space princess? Well…I felt like drawing an Alien American Princess, so there. Her dress is nice.

My entire team elected to not respond to the e-mail at all. Next week, we will have a non committal form letter, which will say, in longer and more appropriate ways, “@#$% you. You’re on a need to know basis, and you’ll know when you need to.” Incidentally, the rough draft said only that.

Next Issue: Savage Land Problems! (A Different Scale of Haters)


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