Savage Land Problems: A Different Scale of Haters.

Dino-suplex.  The only move you need for prehistoric haters.

Dino-suplex. The only move you need for prehistoric haters.

See how “scale” is a double entendre? The haters are larger in size, and they have scales, because they are dinosaurs. Don’t talk to me about how dinosaurs are supposed to have feathers now…I don’t want to hear it. Godzilla movies, years of Savage land comics, and every dinosaur drawn by Jack Kirby were like lizards. Science can bite me on this one.

Today, Monday of the last day of school, I’m assuming large scale problems. Mostly because every single student was alerted last week that grades have been submitted. Once that happens, the central premise of school, and the rules therein, are completely undermined. Considering the way that Friday played out, I can only assume escalation.

Drawing this was a challenge. How does a superhero grab a dinosaur, in order to whip it around like a sack of Matchbox cars? What kind of hide should it have? I didn’t want to draw a billion scales, I hate that. Feathers sounded worse. Note the chimp riding a T. Rex in the background. He’d better watch out…he’s next.

It made me think hard about something in comic books. Why the @#$% does anyone go to the Savage Land? Seriously, it is remote, full of dinosaurs, and the second you get there, you are stranded for a while, and sucked into tribal politics with mutant cavemen and dinosaurs. It’s kind of epic level in it’s awfulness, yet the X-men seem to do it annually. The Avengers have been there a few times. Ka-zar CHOOSES to live there.

The second you arrive, your superhero uniform is up in smoke, and you have to deal with all sorts of weird prehistoric things you don’t have the slightest inkling about. You wind up with ragged Robinson Crusoe clothes, trying to communicate with Zabu the sabre toothed cat, wondering what dinner is going to be. Not good at all.

As I write this, I wind up with the follow up question…knowing full well how @#$%ed up this week is going to be, why the @#$% am I going in to school? That’s a good question. The answer is very, very simple.

Darth and his bonehead cronies aren’t even trying to maintain order. Friday had all manner of rottenness happen, including marijuana use on campus, rampant truancy, and a parent coming onto campus to confront a student. When asked about that, and the vandalism of classes, Darth himself said, without blinking, “That didn’t happen.”

He might be comfortable hiding in his office while student safety is up for grabs. Others might be. My team and I…we can’t live with that. We are coming in to do our best to keep the largest number of students as safe as possible, under adverse conditions. Knowing full well what the drill is.

I guess at this point, the X-men pretty much know the drill in the Savage Land, too.

Next Issue: Don’t Get Fooled Again!


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