Don’t Get Fooled Again!

To be fair...I never really watched CSI: Miami.  It's just easy schtick.

To be fair…I never really watched CSI: Miami. It’s just easy schtick.

And…also non-fiction.

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Roving groups of truant students who are as interested in Pokemon Cards as they are in “scoring some weed” now wander my campus like Kaine from Kung-Fu. Somehow a substitute teacher let students “slap box” in class, resulting in a subsequent retaliation being called by gang entrenched friends, followed by vicious in class reprisals by off campus adults. When called out on this, Darth chewed out the staff member in question, only to carry that over into “unprofessional” talk this morning.

A morning in which I took laps around the supervision posts. I found Money Darth on post, and no others. Short of me, and some other concerned teachers, plus Money Darth…a campus where violence erupts regularly was completely unsupervised. I took the time to let Pledge LA know, and they had a complex network of excuses, and little else.

We got lucky today.

We also had a power outage which shorted the bells. I went out to supervise during lunch for that, and when I did, it was amazing to watch the Darths not actually send students back to class. Others were dispatched, without speaking to any of them directly, since that is beneath all Darths. In fact, Money Darth and I (now barely a Darth at all) had to respond to a security consideration at the front of the school that NO RADIO CARRYING STAFF answered at all.

Power outages, plausibly deniable events, and just straight denial all came together today in a cavalcade of people hiding in their offices. My team and I hit the streets, and kept the order, despite the fact that Darth himself made it all too clear that he finds us to be “unwelcome rascals.”

Don't get fooled again!

Don’t get fooled again!

Today, rapid deployment of teachers kept things from getting crazy. We have only a few more days on this watch, and given that, can possibly hold it together. The title of the post, as well as the theme music, come back to our own folly. Time after time, we keep expecting that Darth will “put some skin in the game” on safety and supervision, to use his own language. At this point, staff at our site know better, and won’t get fooled again, by such talk.

Next Issue: The End of the Line!


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