Hater Watch: War Journal

The epic final days...

The epic final days…

With only hours left to go, at the end of the line, as it were, Haterism has reached a purer, more chaotic version of itself on our campus. My staff members and myself are now staking out territory, quite literally, and keeping those areas in isolated pockets of order. Like an oasis in the desert, except this desert has mad craziness in it, instead of grinding heat and dehydration. Although…we have that too.

Starting with breakfast in the classroom, where my whole team was shorted by fifty percent on a breakfast selection that the kids actually like. These are the same Werewolf Lunchladies that will complain to the Principal that we are derelict in our duties if a substitute teacher makes a mistake on the roster. All they had to do was COUNT.

The dearth of strange Morning Disks of Nutrition stimulated a minor rebellion. Easily quelled, but the tone was set. Suddenly, one student in another English class threatened another. Group texts are sent about it. Meanwhile, one student who fought the other day is returned to school, while four of our students decide to simply not show up to class, and ditch, slap boxing their friends the whole time.

Random, non graduating Eighth Graders screaming at the top of their lungs, and tagging. The whole goal at this point for me being…keep all of this, one hundred percent of the @#$% up @#$%, away from my own students. This was a full time, serious vigilance endeavor.

Late in the day, there was a problem with the PE Field gate. The staff did not unlock it, trapping most of my Seventh Graders in PE. No one noticed this, even though they began climbing the 8-Foot fence to hop over, a massive safety risk. There were no Darths to be seen, in fact, earlier in the day the Darths had said, specifically, that this sort of thing never happened.

My co-teacher took a photo op and sent it to Pledge LA…mostly to outline the “Lord of the Flies” style atmosphere that we are currently “enjoying.”

The original art, sans logos.

The original art, sans logos.

Clearly, Pledge LA took a hand in this, as suddenly the Darths were on the PA system, attempting to solve the problem through announcements. Heaven forbid they should put “boots on the ground” like us, and actually see real students. Given the “war on crime” vibe of the school site these days, and the Punisher inspired, tactical wear uniform our hero is wearing during it…I thought that referencing Punisher: War Journal was smart.

Oddly, it was a problem. The War Journal section was easy enough, but it needed a name. “Punisher” is Frank Castle’s code name, and our hero…she is into her third year online without any kind of name. I hemmed and hawed, until I realized that the activity, keeping an eye on the haters, could have a name. Voila! The Adequacy family of comics has another title.

Next Issue: This Meeting, This Mall Night!


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