Summer Vacation: Oh Yeah!

Ah...Duff Man.

Ah…Duff Man.

So…this is a double hit of goodness.

Hit number one: Today is my last official day of school. Eighth Grade Culmination happens, and I turn in my tech, my key, my gradebook, to sign off on the various end of year items. This is a fantastic relief to me, especially after the matrix fiasco, where Darth threatened my co-teacher and myself in a public forum. Granted, the matrix was a mess, and not on time…somehow, this became something to retaliate against dedicated people with. Go figure. Still, the day is ending, and for the final signature, my whole team and I will be going in to speak to Darth as a unit, most probably avoiding any particularly stupid problems. One can hope.

In a perfect world, things are just DONE come tomorrow.

Hit number two: Bongo Comics’ “Duff Man Adventures” one shot….well worth a look. Cleverly written, fun to read, and hilariously funny. The kind of thing that makes you want to say, “Oh Yeah!”

Next Issue: The Fantastic Four!


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