Disney doesn’t own the Herculoids, either.

Oh snap!  The Herculoids!

Oh snap! The Herculoids!

I have to go back to close a few things out, but I am officially signed out for the school year. With the full intent not to come back to my school site, it is an odd, bittersweet feeling. Pledge LA and the Darths were suitably friendly, even the King Darth himself. Apparently there was some sort of creepy cognitive reboot after threatening us yesterday, and everything was sweetness and light. Perhaps they realized that my nails were being painted by brutal, angry lawyers.

The Herculoids are a key part of this. I watched the Herculoids when I was young, but only have vague memories of the plot. Apparently Zandar and Tarra, from the planet Quasar, @##%%^ing hate technology. They roll out with those creatures and dinosaurs, and when people come to Quasar with science, they whoop the living @#$% out of them. I’m pretty sure that’s the whole deal.

When we started at our school, uniforms were a big deal. Not so much any more, under the new Darths…these days, kids unabashedly come to school in gang colors. In the beginning though, when Adequacy started, I drew this huge poster, with a super hero talking to the Herculoids. He was saying, “I’m sure you guys are superheroes, but you need uniforms!” Because, as you see above, the Herculoids don’t even have PANTS.

About a month later, I started drawing the things that became Adequacy.

That having been said, it is pretty clear how our hero would be saying that she “knows these guys.” A part of me is interested in drawing some kind of weird Herculoids flashback, and most of me says, “it’s good enough with this one gag.”

As usual, Sue Richards is generally scornful of the protagonist. I think that might be transference, because Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel and largets single shareholder of Disney, actively dislikes the Fantastic Four. Check this action:

Non-fiction, True Believers.

Non-fiction, True Believers.

The short form is this: Fox owns all of the rights besides print rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. For some reason, all of a sudden it became an Issue that Marvel was promoting the Fantastic Four, without the benefit of making Avengers Movie Dollars off of it. This prompted an excision of the FF from the Marvel 75 Anniversary Artwork, Trading Card set, and rumors of cancellation of the Fantastic Four comics for the predictable future. Documents were published online supporting this, and all kinds of articles written about Marvel cancelling the FF to “@#$% with Fox.”

In short…wow.

If you look at the panels above, it’s pretty clear then, what is going on.

I need to draw the next issue, so there is no hype line, True Believers.


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