Let It Go, Let It Go…

Surprisingly fast, and fun to draw.

Surprisingly fast, and fun to draw.

I did not expect to enjoy “Frozen.” My friends had me watch it one evening, later than I really wanted to, and it turned out to be great. With that much negative energy going into a movie, for it to come out the other side as “great”…it needed to really be well executed.

The song from “Frozen”, Let It Go, also really spoke to me. For the past few weeks, I’ve had to watch something I tried to improve, something I labored to make better, gradually degenerate to a chaotic state, the state it was in before3 the reorganization, before my team was called in. It was easy to get emotional about this, be be mad about this, but when push came to shove, it was clear that there was little to nothing I could do about it.

I needed to “Let It Go.”

That’s easier said than done. Still, it pretty much became my mantra for the end of the school year. As things have moved forward, the Darths’ view of “Conceal, don’t feel” related to student policies has come back to bite them in the @#$ more than once. The situation at Markham Middle School is in the news and is very ugly.

I don’t teach at either of the schools implicated, but I do teach in the area. The procedures mentioned above, “off the books” suspensions exist, and are put into use. I look at that article, and i wonder…if my school did more of this decidedly unkosher practice, would I see less of the problems that plagued my campus? Would it be seen as discipline by the students? At the same time, I wonder strongly…how does keeping students who are not succeeding out of school benefit them at all? Shouldn’t there be some impetus to provide real intervention for them, not just the lip service that I see all the time?

It’s a paradox…don’t come up with a suspension work around, and your campus degenerates into chaos, like mine has…although we did not have many suspensions the year before this. If you do come up with a “work around”…it is entirely possible that you will be unilaterally violating the rights of the students that you serve.

Granted, that’s not all that plagued the end of my year. Failure to follow the contract, failure to be timely with the documents that make the school able to run, failure to run safety drills, failure to basically follow through…along with a complete absence of real student management. The No Man’s Land was created by failure, and those that tried to hold the line only could watch it chip away slower as their reward.

Tomorrow, I’m going in to my classroom to throw away major amounts of stuff, and secure the rest…until I need to retrieve it for, hopefully, my next job appointment. It’s a depressing thing, as I will need to go in and tear down the last bits of what I tried to build up.

Obviously, the art is drawn from the crumbling crystal palace of the Watchmen, which I feel is one of the high water marks in all of comics. The desolate, empty wasteland really sets the tone of a deserted No Man’s Land, and the isolation that our hero and Pony feel.

Tomorrow: Fantasticar Smog Check!


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