Not So Fantasticar…

Saturday, I took my car in for it's overdue smog check.  It didn't pass.

Saturday, I took my car in for it’s overdue smog check. It didn’t pass.

The state of California Gandalfed me once again. However, after shouting “You shall not pass!” twice on the subject of smog, my genius mechanics at Culver Automotive resolved the issue. The day of this post, in fact, I will be retrieving my beloved vehicle, which I have been driving for 29 years. I’ve been using this shop for around a decade, and they always get me back on the road, under estimate, and with real friendliness. Despite not passing the smog test and having a repair to pay for, it was kind of nice to see my friend there, as I have come to think of them.

The art, however, is pretty one note, because it is simply about that subject. I have been on a Fantastic Four kick for a little while now, especially since the Disney driven controversy. In that vein, it seemed like a simple gag to have our hero and Reed working on the original Fantasticar, which has clearly seen better days. much like me, the protagonist is no expert, and isn’t confident in her ability to help reed get the thing airborne again.

Next Issue: X-Men? Really?


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