“Everybody Remember Where We Parked…”



With History Amazon out of town and carrying on in Europe, and my Mall Night and Margarita partner on the East Coast…things are quiet in the Fortress of Togetherness. Disturbingly quiet. I’ve been left behind to watch over things, and that is, well…what it is.

Mitch Watch has more or less been successful. After yet another trip to a Doctor, he has more or less been green lit as having “beaten cancer.” That’s a very good thing, and after we figured out where the @#$% we had parked my as yet unregistered vehicle, I took him out for his first solid food in a month. Note to all readers: avoid Pancreatic Cancer. Even when you have the dream situation, that you beat…it is very, very unpleasant.

During that time, I got a phone call from a school. When I say, “That time” I mean as I was sitting in a noisy Japanese restaurant. This was a call from a school that History Amazon sent our resume package to ONE DAY before leaving for Italy. I was quietly critical of this, since we would have no way to interview until she came back. My criticisms turned out to be off point.

You see…the guy who called me…ostensibly the principal…did not read the cover letter, from her, or the entire resume package. He didn’t know who he was calling, nor that we were a package deal. I had to explain this, which the cover letter did…in a noisy Japanese restaurant. This did not enhance my confidence in the school. I would read a resume package all the way through BEFORE calling someone…

…still, this resulted in us having a possible interview in about a month…when this guy is back from his summer vacation, and History Amazon is back in LA.

Still, it has been good to mostly not think about school, and school issues, after such a discouraging year. Gentle Reader, you have probably noticed the preponderance of Comics Related posts, although the lack of a “Road Trip” plotline. That’s because I’m not going anywhere this summer, attempting to get a much needed rest.

The black and white, inked art.

The black and white, inked art.

Drawing this was a lot of fun. It came together quickly, and cried out for color. The background of some wild planet was exciting to do, and startlingly easy. With all the time that I have off now, I’m not as far ahead in the content…but I am doing more inks and color. It’s pretty nice.

The piece also ostensibly continues the Fantastic Four plotline…with a minimum of dialogue, giving more character development. In this case, the First Family is running off to have a good time in the Negative Zone…and our hero isn’t really a part of that. She’s a stand in, but doesn’t really REPLACE Johnny. See, Mr. James Robinson…it’s not hard to make formula FF plots…you just have to be in touch with the general positive tone of the book, the “science adventure” aspect, and the idea that it is, first and foremost, a superhero family.

Guarding the Fantasticar sucks. It’s boring, and you don’t see weird planets and new things. That’s all true.

However…nobody really gets into any trouble guarding the Fantasticar. It’s quiet, easy, and stress free. Our hero should consider that, as she complains about being left out of all the action…

Next Issue: Superfriends!


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