Atomic Batteries To Power! Turbines No Longer Polluting!

Having passed smog, my up to date registration tags have arrived!

Having passed smog, my up to date registration tags have arrived!

So…when you drive a car from the 80’s, passing smog in California to re-register your car….it gets to be a Thing. A thing that you worry about, a thing that hangs over your head like the sword of Damocles. You know that the repairs will be somewhat expensive, that there’s going to be trouble passing and so forth.

This time, my troubles were relatively small. It turns out that my NO output was too high, and we only needed to swap out the catalytic converter. My mechanic, being the excellent guy that he is, suggested just swapping out the o2 sensor, and seeing how that affected things…possibly coming in at less than half of doing both the converter and the o2 Sensor. I decided to do both, because I wanted to pass definitely, and secondly, because I really don’t mind giving my mechanic business.

I’ve mentioned them once before, and they are mentioned in the panel art above. Culver Automotive…fantastic shop. Friendly, kind, attentive…and I tend to be more high maintenance than my car. Almost always underbudget, always on time if not early, and high quality work that they stand by. When you find a mechanic like that, you stick with them.

I was pretty cavalier about the smog and registration, and went in to get the car smogged pretty much as the tags were expiring. That meant that for about two weeks, I was driving around with a passed smog test, fees paid, but no tags on the car. I was expecting that to take longer…but nope. Pretty much instantly they processed the online payment, and I got my tags last week. So here, I’m actually praising the efficiency of DMV, which seems mildly incredible to me.

There’s not much else to this post. Seriously, the art kind of shows that. Eagle eyed readers will see that the protagonist’s Batmobile (Adam West Style!) is parked next to the “Spider-Man No More” trash can, which was a fun reference. Drawing cars is a huge hassle. Huge. I’m trying to do it more, because legit comics art has, you know, background and setting elements in it….but cars are ROUGH.

Also, this weeks art (all in the can, by the way) is all inked. A whole week of inking. I’m liking the quality, although it does almost double the time on task.

Next Issue: Operation…Bombshell!


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