Destination…Mall Night!

That's one helluva mall.  Cosmic Mall Night.

That’s one helluva mall. Cosmic Mall Night.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the art above that it doesn’t say for itself. My friend is back in town, FINALLY. We haven’t been to the mall in like two weeks, so some aggressive retail therapy will need to ensue. In theory, there are new stores, new merchandise, even new Ponies.

That’s really pretty much what this is all about. See how the surfboard isn’t going very fast? that’s because you take your time shopping properly. Who knows what kind of new face masks the Japanese Store will have? You can’t know if you just run through. You need to take your time, wandering aisles and stores with abandon.

Afterwards, there will be new nails. Which is important, because my nails look awful Apparently some kind of South Western pattern in neon color is what we have chosen, and I for one, am only too happy to agree. Nail polish, giant margaritas, and burritos the size of children. Such is the wonder of Mall Night.

Next Issue: Marvel’s Original Sin…not that Original.


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