Original Sin…Fourth or Fifth Printing Nick Fury.

Such a chore to draw.  I'm still not happy with Nick Fury in the top corner.

Such a chore to draw. I’m still not happy with Nick Fury in the top corner.

Marvel’s big “event” book right now is called Original Sin. I did a variant sketch cover on it a few weeks ago, which was fun. The idea seems straightforward: someone has murdered Uatu, the Watcher on the Moon. He’s a cosmic being that sees everything, and documents it all. Now…his secrets are up for grabs to whichever party has control over his eyes, which have been disturbingly stolen. The premise is twofold…find the Watcher’s murderer, and contain the damage that the information will cause.

For the most part, it seems a simple enough premise. The art by Mike Deodato has been top notch. My problem isn’t there. My problem is with the plot. See how our hero has no idea why half the Original Defenders are with her in some Science Looking Base? That’s pretty much how the story reads, and we are four issues in.

Wikipedia summarizes issues No 2 and 3 thusly:

“The three-way investigation into Uatu’s death has begun. The Avengers and Nick Fury are on one investigation. Black Panther, Punisher, and some cronies are on another investigation. Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and Gamora are on the last investigation. Eventually the heroes separately trace the evolved Mindless One back to Orb and Exterminatrix, only to end up fighting them. Upon being pinned down by the heroes with Exterminatrix, Orb ended up activating Uatu’s eye which starts to reveal the secrets within it. And no one will like what they see.

While the use of the eye distracts several heroes, the Orb is still captured and interrogated by Nick Fury. Orb revealed that he was hired by Doctor Midas to break into Uatu the Watcher’s home, but he did not commit the murder. The space team finds the murdered body of a living planet, but Winter Soldier maroons his comrades there while he teleports back to Earth and kills Nick Fury.”

Let’s be fair, here…the Winter Soldier BEHEADS Nick Fury.

However, as issue No. 4 wanders through a plotline, the various investigative groups all reconvene in one location, only to discover that the Nick fury head that the Winter Soldier has is an incredibly advanced Life Model Decoy. Basically, a Robot Nick Fury. That eventually leads to this last page reveal…



You see…Nick Fury has been active in comics since WWII. In order to stay young, the story has been that annually he ties off and injects a dangerous Nazi chemical called the Infinity Formula that gives him relatively eternal youth. The image above suggests that this is not the case any longer, and hasn’t been the case for some time. It strongly suggests that any time we have seen Nick Fury in relatively recent Marvel canon, we have in fact seen a Life Model Decoy that we don’t care to much about, since it’s a disposable robot. There’s a crowd of them behind him.

See this image?  It doesn't get clearer than this image.

See this image? It doesn’t get clearer than this image.

If all Nick Fury’s appearances for some time have been LMD’s…it sort of retroactively tarnishes those stories for me, by negating…albeit retroactively…the risk factor to a character that I really like. In addition…it is hugely, hugely unclear, what, if anything, this has to do with the death of Uatu, the Watcher.

That, at the core, is my beef with the story. I’m more involved with the idea of evolving Mindless Ones, and the possibility that Nick Fury might have been an android, than I am with the central mystery of the story. I wind up questioning what, if anything, will be revealed, and if revelations happen, whether they will have much of anything to do with what I thought the central plotline was.

Mike Deodato’s art is great, though.

Next Issue: Time-Quila!


2 thoughts on “Original Sin…Fourth or Fifth Printing Nick Fury.

  1. While this was not the reveal that I was expecting, I’ve been convinced almost from the beginning that the whole ‘real’ purpose of this event series was to kill of Classic Nick Fury so he can be replaced with Movie Nick Fury or something of the sort. This does nothing to dissuade me of that idea.

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