It Didn’t Happen On Yancy Street!

I thought this didn't come out very good.  I was so wrong.

I thought this didn’t come out very good. I was so wrong.

Initially, the plotline here was going to be Ben upset about our hero and the cast of Adequacy taking the Fantastic Four’s Time sled to India. He was going to be sad because Reed Richards, his best friend, would be cross about the unauthorized use of a space and time machine. That would have established continuity with the Team Seva bonus post.

Yeah…@#$% that.

As I drew this, I was thinking about how awesome my nails were. That led me to notice that Ben Grimm, being made out of orange rocks, doesn’t have any fingernails. He can’t get a manicure, a pedicure, or have any kind of spa day. Forget what Ben looks like, I think you would get used to that. He simply can’t enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life, at all….and I imagine that would be the thing to make him sad.

Incidentally…I love drawing sad/upset Ben Grimm. It’s surprisingly easy, and well worth the effort.

Also…I’m going to continue to lecture James Robinson here. In the Original Sin tie in, we see Ben wander off before the FF is forbidden entry into the Baxter Building by the Avengers. Sue has a temper tantrum about that, which we see very little of. Days pass, and Ben quickly narrates how he just happened to be on hand for some of the Original Sin plot, but makes it clear that the FF are not really part of the story.

Then he goes on to berate Johnny, and yell at him over a big “secret” he learned from the Watcher’s eye. That “secret” was that Johnny screwed up one of Reed’s attempts to cure him of being the Thing.

Whaaat? This is a “secret”? It happened about every five minutes for the first several years of the Fantastic Four. Ben is choosing to be angry, upset, and end friendships over something that he knows about, several times over? Are we kidding here?

I think he would be much more upset about being left out of mall night, and manicures. I think Ben is way less rough on our hero then Reed, Sue, and even Johnny, and would be fine with having a margarita, and his nails painted. Except…he doesn’t have nails.

Despite his ugly views on Pesco-Americans, stated clearly in Avengers vs. X-men, I think I can cut him a little slack on that front, for the moment. Also, the margaritas an nail painting are a way better plot point then A) the time-sled thing, or B) THE ACTUAL PLOT of James Robinson’s Fantastic Four.

Take notes, Marvel.

Next Issue…You, Robot!


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